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Title: The Era of George Floyd
Source: twelveround blog
URL Source: https://twelveround.com/blog/the-era-of-george-floyd
Published: Jul 1, 2020
Author: T.L. Davis
Post Date: 2020-07-02 23:37:23 by X-15
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Keywords: BLM, Antifa, NWO
Views: 196

It is a common refrain that no one is coming to save you, but it's worse than that, the ones paid to come to save you will probably come to get you for some violation of thought or intent. There's a new sheriff in town and he ain't your friend. You are the worst; the cause of all manner of horribleness over the past centuries and the only way the sheriff can save himself is to imprison or murder you. You and your kind.

What is happening, intentionally, is the Democrat party is playing its old tricks on new people. Just as the Democrat party ruled over such things as slavery, Jim Crow laws, a Supreme Court who ruled slavery not only valid, but blacks as property that must be returned to their owner should they escape slavery are now turning the tables and using the same tactics to validate racism against whites. No one wants to hear white people talk about the injustices done to them, like no one in the Democrat party wanted to hear blacks talk about the injustices done to them.

It's easy to get distracted by Antifa and BLM, a hostile media, corporate sell outs and all of that, but think of what the Democrat party has experience with that no other political party in America does: slavery, oppression, racism, hatred, KKK membership, segregation, etc, etc. They know what they are doing when it comes to demonizing and turning one race against another. The Republicans aren't even visible. They are passive, choosing now to embrace the mask to placate the woke, so don't count on back up coming from that direction. They are failures, complicit in the loss of liberty in America, escorts to the enemies of the people.

But, the Democrats, in order to win this election, like many others in the past, need it to be about race, (they can't win on any other platform) BLM needs it to be about race, Antifa needs it to be about race, CEOs of corporations and owners of sports organizations need to assuage their white guilt by making it bout race and pointing at you, not them. Yet, they don't want to do the things that would make a difference. They will nudge each other knowingly and appoint someone to do something, but none of it will ever touch them, affect them, it is a ruse the wealthy Democrats have been using to avoid the real issues of racism for decades. But, the woke crowd is coming for everyone, (or so they say) so lets not let them nibble around the conservative landscape when there are much juicier pastures to be grazed.

If one were to go totally woke. White CEOs of any and all corporations would need to step down immediately and remit all of their billions to reparations for their whiteness or they are not woke enough, none of this virtue-signalling that would still allow them to rake in billions on the backs of blacks. Take the dive, give it up, after all, this is what these CEO's expect of each one of us, to lose their job, lose their livelihoods to get them out of a jam, give it all up to the concept of diversity, but where are all of the black CEOs? That isn't fair, not in the era of George Floyd. The woke know that black is better than white and CEOs are no different. The white CEOs only got there on the backs of blacks anyway. They could not have risen so high or been so successful, but for the black man or woman they have walked upon, who they have kept out of the big chair in the boardroom, the Big Kahuna chair. Blacks would know how to run Facebook and Twitter better than any white guy ever could.

Sports is the same. There should be no white players, no white coaches, or owners. Sports more than any other institution has prospered on the backs of black players, never giving them an ounce of power in the system, never have these white owners done anything except give lip service to the black population they bargain for and trade cash and picks for. That just smells too much like a slave auction, doesn't it? White owners? That ain't woke, not nearly enough.

In Nascar, Bubba Wallace should win every race. If Nascar allows some white drivers as foils for the brilliance of Bubba's driving, that's all for the better, they can be there to congratulate Bubba, it's good optics. Even if Bubba were to crash out, the others could stop until Bubba gets his car fixed or another one is provided for him, because every race that Bubba does not win is an affront to the race and not possible in the era of George Floyd. Full stop on that.

Hollywood, same thing. All of these big Hollywood producers and studio execs need to get out of the business right now, another moment is like a stab in the back to the blacks who have funded these ventures with their lives. They need to liquidate and turn all of that big cash over to reparations for their whiteness. There should only be black studio owners, black producers, black writers, black actors, except no more than two whites, cast as the villains and killed to the delight of the audience. What right do white owners of studios and production companies have to their wealth and power? They have never used it before to give black lives a place in the sun on the movie set, behind the camera, making decisions. They are frauds and when they had the chance to do it voluntarily, they balked, they refused, so now they should be made to leave.

What on earth are these news organizations doing still employing whites? The news is all about Black Lives Matter, Bubba Wallace and white guilt and white privilege, why on God's green earth, in the era of George Floyd, are they being allowed to report on any of it, discuss any of it? Don't they have the decency to get out on their own, do they have to be shoved out? Are they that conceited, that self-centered? Rachel Maddow, are you kidding me? Get out! What could they possibly know about it? And, for that matter, what are these white faces doing in BLM protests? Are they mocking the blacks, pretending that they can't run their own protests? What heresy is that? Antifa is mostly white, how can BLM tolerate them barging in, cashing in on the momentum provided by George Floyd? More white privilege, that. More white domination of the black race. Pushing the black faces to the back of the bus, huh?

Then there's J. William Fulbright, how on earth have these groups missed this statue? You won't find it on Wikipedia until you scroll down through all of his Democrat bona fides, but he was one of the authors of the Southern Manifesto in opposition to the Supreme Court's ruling in Brown v Board of Education that broke down segregation, he filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and voted against the Voting Rights Act of 1965. That right there is enough to get anyone banned, blacklisted and canceled in the era of George Floyd. No excuses, no mitigating circumstances allowed, not for him, not for anyone like him, such as Hillary and Bill Clinton, (Democrats) who both praised the evil segregationist as they praised Robert Byrd, another KKK senator they both admired greatly.

If there is any validity, any weight to the woke crowd, they must move on all of this posthaste. To allow any of this to go on any further, for one second, is an affront and a crime against humanity. Since the woke crowd is in charge of deciding all of these things, they better get busy, because they are leaving a lot of meat on the bone, doing half of a job, emboldening white privilege by their inaction.

Unless, of course, this is all a Democrat plan to use the black population once more as a ruse, an excuse to do their evil against their enemies, to throw the black population before enraged racists and let them once more take the slings and arrows while the crusty white bosses stand back and watch the blood flow from black bodies for their amusement and ultimate accumulation of wealth and power. Then, it's fine, the way it's always been, nothing to see here. Subscribe to *Post Of The Day*

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