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Published: Jul 27, 2020
Author: why the race card is played
Post Date: 2020-07-27 05:41:08 by NeoconsNailed
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Anti police-brutality protesters have been confronted by armed men in cities around America in recent days, with some brandishing firearms or other weapons, some driving vehicles at crowds, and others – including members of the so-called “boogaloo movement” – claiming they have come to help anti-racism demonstrations.

Further incidents involving firearms and other weapons have also occurred.

“It’s being used as a weapon to bulldoze human bodies.”

While it’s still too early to determine the motive in each of the civilian cases, Weil said there has been a flood of posts online, both flippant and serious in tone, calling for protesters to be run down and celebrating the viral clips from the last week.

Matt Walsh

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Poster Comment:

They want us to think of this as senseless violence, but at least some of these drivers look like they found themselves trapped and did the best to extricate themselves. A shame none of the rabble seems seriously injured or killed. Fortunately I've never heard of any drivers getting charged.

One of the rabble whines that a car just missed a baby. Well what the HELL are ppl doing taking babies to riots? Once when we were picketing the Greenville Chamber of Communism something really strange happened -- some compatriots stopped by with a baby in a stroller, and somehow some commie rat launched an egg from behind a bldg across the street. It landed (and broke, natch) right smack next to the boy.

I guess I'll never know how exactly this happened. We went and looked for the perps but they'd made a fast getaway. OK, this is better footage -- morons flying into the air:

Will somebody please call me insensitive? Or worse ;)

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