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Title: When the Going Gets Weird, the Weird Get Punked
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Published: Aug 1, 2020
Author: James Howard Kunstler
Post Date: 2020-08-01 09:39:42 by Ada
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Did you happen to view the Attorney General being assailed by lunatics in the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday? It kind of looked like a scene from the French Revolution acted out by a road company touring Alice in Wonderland. Mr. Barr stolidly endured their orchestrated calumnies as though he had larger matters on his mind. Do not suppose it will end there, or end well for this shabby claque of mutts and harpies.

There is the rectified essence of your Democratic Party circa the awful year 2020, spreading its poisons into every organ of society like a fungal overgrowth, making the nation crazy as the old economy of cheeseburgers and happy motoring disintegrates under the spell of a mystifying plague and the peoples’ zombie indifference turns to epic woe and fury.

If the forlorn homunculus Chairman Nadler accomplished anything, it was to ratchet up Mr. Barr’s determination to round up and indict the figures behind the years-long campaign of sedition waged against the public interest and decency. Sometime before Halloween, an awful wrath is going to befall Barack Obama’s wingmen and handmaidens, and it will be a supremely sobering moment. The Manchurian Candidate Condon, Richard Best Price: $5.36 Buy New $13.32 (as of 04:21 EDT - Details)

It’s the elected Democrats of Oregon — Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Governor Kate Brown — who have turned the Federal Courthouse there into a new Alamo by ordering their police to stand down. And isn’t it rather strange that they’ve gotten The New York Times and CNN rooting against the tiny crew of federal officers bravely defending the place? In a sane country, these politicians would be indicted as accessories to riot and insurrection. And the same goes for elected Democrats in Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, Richmond and other cities where the Antifa freaks are allowed to run wild.

Meanwhile, there was an odor of desperation at the funeral for Rep. John Lewis in Washington as Mr. Obama inveighed against the use of tear gas on “peaceful demonstrators” — the big lie of the season. Who has not seen the many videos of these masked freaks launching mortars and smashing things in the streets? Such a naked hustle suggests that the former president is using the mobs to mau-mau the country while he maneuvers to keep a legion of his former lieutenants out of jail. The screws are turning, as Attorney General Barr’s unflappable demeanor implied during the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party on Tuesday.

The election itself is another front in this undeclared civil war. How exactly did the Democratic Party come to settle on a candidate with no credible capacity to serve as president? Who is Joe Biden fronting for, and who do they think they’re fooling? How can he possibly deliver an acceptance speech three weeks from now without giving away the game? That will be something to see — but I doubt we will actually see it. If the Dems don’t switch him out, there is no way Mr. Biden can survive the three-month homestretch of an election campaign. He can barely make it through a ten-minute appearance in front of twenty-three hand-picked partisans in a TV studio. Life imitates art, as Oscar Wilde tartly observed. The Manchurian candidate is truly here. Blackberries Matter: H... Webb, George Buy New $3.99 (as of 04:14 EDT - Details)

Mr. Barr is quite correct when he avers that an election by mail-in ballots is an invitation to fraud. The parallel campaign by the news media to ramp up extra hysteria over the corona virus is designed to ensure that scam. Keeping kids out of school is another angle on it, to plant a narrative that parents can’t possibly leave the house to go to a polling station. Wait for it. The result would be an election that can’t be resolved even by the Supreme Court. What will happen then?

I’ll tell you how it goes: Donald Trump will stand aside and yield to the military, to some general or committee of generals, and the country will be under martial law until the election is sorted out or re-run. And by then, the election may be the least of our problems, with tens of millions out-of-work, out-of-business, penniless, homeless, and hungry. That’s when they’ll truly be selling postcards of the hanging, as the old song goes. Then comes America’s Bonaparte moment. Yes, things can get that weird.

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#1. To: Ada (#0)

I have explained this sequence of events before. 1) Nationwide Food Riots. 2) Destruction of every major American city. 3) Race riots, food riots and violence makes US cities uninhabitable so tens of millions flee to the country. The Stupid ones get sent to Camp FEMA. 4) Ten million or more foreigners flee the country. More than 10 million get shot.

We balance our trade deficit when the population drops by 100 million or more.

Horse  posted on  2020-08-01   10:06:34 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: Horse (#1)

We balance our trade deficit when the population drops by 100 million or more.

That is nearly a third of the current population of 328 million.

In the FEMA camps there will be a lot of useless eaters. ;)

BTP Holdings  posted on  2020-08-01   10:41:10 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#3. To: BTP Holdings (#2)

Won't be enough food for Camp FEMA after the first few weeks. Government will need that food for police, military and key government workers.

Horse  posted on  2020-08-01   11:43:55 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#4. To: Horse (#3)

Won't be enough food for Camp FEMA after the first few weeks

The camps in Germany that were filled by DP's were in the same predicament.

And the Typhus epidemics that raged thru them is the reason those were called "death camps". ;)

BTP Holdings  posted on  2020-08-01   12:09:06 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#5. To: BTP Holdings (#4)

I have met Jews who worked outside the camps for the Germans. I have read boooks by men who were held inside the prisons. The Jews got the same 1,900 calories a day rations as did the Germans if they were working outside the camps. The Jews and/or the Communists ran the camps on the inside. Germans ran the outside. 80% of all the beatings administered came from inmate guards. The food on the inside was stolen by the elite prisoners. The Jews called it organizing.

Horse  posted on  2020-08-01   15:08:56 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#6. To: Horse (#5)

The food on the inside was stolen by the elite prisoners. The Jews called it organizing.

I was watching an old episode of Combat! on You Tube.

In it the U.S. freed some DPs from a certain camp. One of the DPs looked better fed than the others. When the other prisoners got to him they tried to kill him. But the U.S. troops stopped them.

I am sure there was quite a bit of this going on as you described. ;)

BTP Holdings  posted on  2020-08-01   16:26:43 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

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