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Title: The state of the Union
Source: PA World and Times
URL Source: https://paworldandtimes.wordpress.c ... /08/03/the-state-of-the-union/
Published: Aug 3, 2020
Author: comment
Post Date: 2020-08-04 11:41:40 by X-15
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A long, excellent description of political conditions in the United States is cited below. h/t Suburban_elk: “Monster epic thread at Unz, last week, wherein Ron Unz says ‘The Political Bankruptcy of White Nationalism.’ It has a 1000+ comments, including this one.”

Everything that follows in this blog entry is the quoted comment that was originally posted by another reader under Unz’s article:

So what’s the problem with White people?

White interests and pro-White political activism are being insidiously kept down. This political condition is not new. White Americans are disunified and afraid. This is by design. Even White children are being taught to feel ashamed about their history. Like the Germans of yesteryear, White Americans are being demeaned and deracinated for the alleged sins of their ancestors.

(Whites) stole America. (Whites) created wealth by enslaving Blacks.

‘But it’s those ‘bad Whites’ who did it! Really! I’m not like them. I’m not racist!’

And so the indoctrination goes.

Today’s dominant narrative about White people now turns invariably to slavery or Naziism or the KKK. We are under attack by our own mass media. The manufacturers of this chronicle rule America’s roost. Pro- White advocates are shut out of this process. Due to ‘cancel culture’, even their jobs and personal security are under threat. Beyond that, pro-White proponents can be tarred with slurs that carries no penalty to the accuser.

Whereas, the N-word involving Blacks is now taboo and may not be spoken (this protects Blacks from various forms of verbal criticism), there’s also the strange case of an injurious N-word involving Whites that remains Wide Open and is freely available for indiscriminate use. Defamation is OK when used properly! This N-word is ‘Nazi’.

The use (and non-use) of these two race-oriented slurs (Nigger and Nazi) speak volumes about who controls the discussion about race and ‘racism’, who sets the ground rules on political discourse, and who shapes political memory. Guess what: it’s NOT you, white boy.

Contrast the dark imagery surrounding ‘White supremacism’ with the wondrous, shimmering picture of Jewish history (exceptionalism, innocence and martyrdom); not to mention the magic, persecuted, 100% equal, downtrodden negro. In one generation, American history has been turned upside down.

Get the picture? We are now living in Hollywood’s all-new, politically-correct, Good Guys vs the Bad Guys drama about evil ‘racism’! And YOU with the blue eyes are the problem.

Fortunately, as cities burn, reality is closing in on BLM and their crypto-enablers. But the men behind the curtain still wield toxic and inordinate power.

Let me concede that Ron does ably makes the case that a lot of White anxiety over the unwelcome arrival of tens of millions of ‘undocumented’ immigrants from Mexico and Central America over the past 4o years seems, at this point in history, premature (if not misplaced.)

Newly-arrived Hispanics have not caused anywhere near the cultural chaos that our Black underclass has generated. But history is full of surprises. Why should Americans ignore the fact that cultural cohesion and unified nationhood comes in large part from cultural continuity as well as genetic similarity? What’s wrong with homogeneity?

Commonality–not diversity–is a nation’s strength. This fact is so obvious that it was taken for granted and widely-embraced throughout most of our nation’s history.

The Japanese and Chinese understand these fact. So do the Israelis. That is why those nations eschew multiculturalism as they strive to sustain genetic continuity and uniformity. At the same time, these peoples revere their histories as well as their ancestors. Once America was this way.

Today, (White) Americans are being persuaded to throw out all that prideful thinking with the one-color bathwater. But will ending ‘white supremacy’ require the termination of the White race?

Whites have been fooled into feeling ashamed about their various histories as well as how America should look down the road. This is the anti-White diversity fallacy.

Besides the POC agitators, the principle enablers of this new vision for America are elite (((liberal))) educators, media lords, political activists, and public intellectuals–many of whom are hostile to the long-term interests of America’s original core demographic.

The Fake News Big lie goes this way: All human beings are equal and therefore all people are ultimately the same. Since human equality is undeniably true (and you are a ‘racist’ if you believe otherwise) then all people are ultimately interchangeable. Since all people are interchangable, then all peoples are replaceable.

This is commie-speak for: Say goodbye to White America!

But as the Black/White experience proves, race does matter. Differences endure. As for nationhood, one common language is also more unifying to a nation than two. These maxims (once widely shared) need to be re-learned. Meanwhile, anti-White/pro-diversity propaganda in American schools and mass media are targeting White children and White identity while, simultaneously, various non-White identities are being cultivated.

This oozing onslaught subverts normal and natural expressions of racial cohesion among White Americans. This is unfair. Yet these double-standards abound.

Why, for instance, is ‘Jewish nationalism’ (Zionism) considered appropriate and reasonable without question whereas ‘White nationalism’ is deemed automatically inappropriate and political unacceptable?

There’s no clear reason for this except that certain ‘values’ in modern America are now axiomatically accepted and others rejected. It all ‘goes without saying’.

Might it be time to deconstruct these dubious dictums?

As for ongoing White opposition to unlawful immigration through our Southern border, once Whites become a numerical minority in America’s Southwest, who is to say that Mexican revanchism will not again rise?

What happens if the msm/liberal alliance succeeds in pushing through amnesty for millions of ‘Dreamers’?

Will subsequent demands for ‘economic equality’ not likely increase?

In the name of ‘equality’, will there not likely be more calls for greater ‘affirmative action’? This is the road we’re on.

The momentum and power of the Antifa/BLM movements are both astonishing, if not somewhat irrational. Yes, there was previously widespread and systematic racism in America, but it’s been almost entirely eradicated. How? But the political action of majority-White jurists, majority-White legislators, and majority-White voters. Now it’s time for Blacks to raise their game, not simply demand more handouts from their White counterparts.

Floyd’s accidental death (or was it a drug overdose?) at the hands of a white cop should have been nothing more than a blip on one local police blotter. Jared Taylor makes the airtight case why George Floyd Doesn’t Really Matter.

But the street reaction and media coverage of Floyd’s death took us in exactly the opposite and wrong direction. Thuggish Floyd came to symbolize ongoing and systemic Black persecution (by Whites and White cops). But these charges are mostly bunk. Unarmed Whites are killed by police more often than unarmed Blacks. The actual crisis is Blacks murdering other Blacks. Yet the msm mostly ignores this.

White-created protocols involving orderliness, safety, prosperity, and legal safeguards are being tossed aside to comfort Black feelings and mollify Black threats of mass violence. Why? White America is afraid. White may not speak with one voice–particularly when it comes to race. Why? It’s racist!

Unlike all other groups, Whites are suspect when they speak collectively or too forcefully on racial issues, even when faced with Black anarchy, violence and rebellion.

For this reason, our back-sliding ‘leaders’ are pandering to Black delusions involving contemporary (non-existent) White persecutions of Blacks. Meanwhile, our (((msm))) is playing a vital, toxic role in devious charade.

There is no systemic, anti-Black racism in America. Blacks are now somewhat privileged in America: affirmative action, Hate Crime legislation, and numerous set-asides at colleges, government jobs, and even in most large corporates. Yet Black anger/violence is growing and being excused. This is may be due to the fact that casual discrimination involving race, decorum, speech, appearance, personality, manners, etc. does exist and always will (if America is allowed to remain free). People get to choose their friends.

Whites (as well as Asians and Hispanics) often avoid socializing with Blacks due to patterns of behavior. These preferences undermine Black social and economic opportunities. But this cannot be avoided in a free society.

If we had an honest media and political leaders who were committed to speaking candidly, our entire focus now might be on Black crime and Black dysfunction. After all, Floyd’s death came from his resisting arrest as well as his self-administered drug overdose. This fits a pattern.

Fortunately, Trump (and most White Americans) are not buying the BLM narrative. This is why Trump will win reelection and why Whites in America should strive to maintain our majority status. Race matters. Always will. Subscribe to *Post Of The Day*

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#1. To: X-15 (#0)

“The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out... without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, intolerable.” ~ H. L. Mencken

Lod  posted on  2020-08-05   10:24:02 ET  (1 image) Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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