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Title: The Catastrophically Terrible Susan Rice Becomes a Biden VP Frontrunner
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Published: Aug 11, 2020
Author: staff
Post Date: 2020-08-11 10:23:03 by BTP Holdings
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The Catastrophically Terrible Susan Rice Becomes a Biden VP Frontrunner

Who would be the Joe Biden campaign’s worst possible pick for the vice-presidential running mate job? We don’t have to play that “what if” game, because the Biden campaign seems determined to publicly run through the list of the most disastrous choices imaginable. Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams, Gretchen Whitmer and Karen Bass are universally mediocre, shallow and terrible people. But by elevating Susan Rice to the top of the list this past week, the Biden campaign has now truly outdone itself.

If you thought John Bolton was terrible at foreign policy (and he is), you should spend a few minutes looking into Susan Rice’s track record. John Bolton is probably jealous of Susan Rice’s track record. Sure, Bolton managed to singlehandedly derail President Trump’s historic peace talks with North Korea, thereby disrupting Trump’s grand geopolitical strategy of boxing China in from all sides. But has Bolton caused multiple genocides in Africa, thanks to his catastrophically bad decision-making? Nope!

When Hillary Clinton was Obama’s Secretary of State from 2009-2013, Susan Rice was Obama’s Ambassador to the UN. The State Department and the UN Ambassador work hand-in-hand to implement American foreign policy around the world. So, throughout all of the foreign policy disasters that took place during Obama’s first term – disasters that I gleefully give Hillary Clinton full credit for – Susan Rice was standing right beside Clinton.

The image they don’t want you to see The image they don’t want you to see The so-called Arab Spring was the fault of Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice propping up that noted “community organizing” group, the Muslim Brotherhood. The result was the Syrian civil war, the rise of Boko Haram in Nigeria, Al Qaeda in Mali, Al-Shabaab in Somalia, and eventually ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

While the Muslim Brotherhood and its splinter groups were having all of that fun, UN Ambassador Susan Rice was happy to help out. When the Muslim Brotherhood flooded into Libya, after Rice and Clinton had armed them with weapons and cash during their overthrow of Egypt, Rice fought to have the UN assist. Rice convinced just enough countries to support UN Security Council Resolution 1973 – the “No Fly Zone” over Libya.

Col. Gaddafi, who was actually no longer an enemy of the United States, was unable to resist the Muslim Brotherhood after Susan Rice convinced France, the UK and Lebanon to shoot down his air force. Gaddafi was captured and sodomized to death by the Muslim Brotherhood, because Clinton and Rice were true believers in Obama’s vision of a united Wahabi Sunni Muslim world under the control of Saudi Arabia (all of the Muslim rulers successfully overthrown by Obama were non-Sunnis, who were replaced by Sunni regimes).

Susan Rice’s efforts in Libya resulted in the creation of the only open slave markets on the Mediterranean Sea in the 21st century. One thing that everyone forgets is that Gaddafi also had a deal in place with Italy, by which he used the Libyan navy to turn back migrant boats headed for Europe. With Gaddafi out of the way, there was no one left to stop the migrant boats flooding the EU with illegal aliens. All of the social problems and terrorism that have flooded into Europe have been a result of Susan Rice’s terrifically bad decision-making. And remember – she’s the person who first blamed the Benghazi, Libya attack on the US embassy on a YouTube video, which we all know now is a blatant lie.

Her efforts for the Obama administration were bad enough, but Susan Rice also worked for the Bill Clinton administration in much the same capacity. She was on the National Security Council for several years and then served as Assistant Secretary of State for Africa. In 1994, Rice argued before the NSC (and Bill Clinton listened) that the slaughter of 800,000 Tutsis in Rwanda should not be called a “genocide – because it might hurt the Democrats in the 1994 midterm elections.

Susan Rice botched the peace talks between Eritrea and Ethiopia in 1998. She gave a big “peace in our time” announcement before any agreement had been reached, and the two countries bombed each other’s capitals and continued the war for years after that. Madeleine Albright personally blamed Susan Rice for the deaths of an additional 100,000 civilians after Rice effed everything up there. (You might be terrible at foreign policy if the architect of the US misadventures in Kosovo and Somalia – Madeleine Albright – thinks you’re doing a bad job.)

Susan Rice’s most catastrophic decision of all happened with Sudan. The despotic government in Khartoum was requesting foreign aid in exchange for some vital intelligence that it had. But Susan Rice was an emphatic “No” on that question. She was running the State Department’s desk in Africa by then and there was no circumstance in which she would urge the Clinton administration to send some bags of flour to Khartoum in exchange for intel.

Susan Rice wasn’t about to put the USA’s good name on the line in exchange for some intelligence that included the whereabouts of some guy named Osama bin Laden. How did that 1997 decision work out, by the way?

Susan Rice would be the absolute worst choice for Joe Biden’s running mate. Which means the ghouls who are really running Biden’s basement campaign are probably going to pick her.

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