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Title: Proof: Obama Ordered Russian Collusion Op Against Donald Trump
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Published: Sep 18, 2014
Author: staff
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Proof: Obama Ordered Russian Collusion Op Against Donald Trump

WASHINGTON D.C., USA - Sep 18, 2014: United States President Barack Obama during an official meeting with the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in Washington, DC (USA)

We’ve all known for years that Barack Obama personally ordered his underlings to carry out the fake Russian collusion intelligence operation against Donald Trump. There was never any question of this in the minds of people who were paying attention. But there’s a big difference between what we “know” due to wisdom and common sense, and what we can actually prove in a court of law.

There was no smoking gun we could point to which proved that Obama had direct knowledge that his underlings were running an illegal, unfounded intelligence operation against the rival party’s presidential campaign. But now… there is a smoking gun.

Catherine Herridge spent almost her entire career at Fox News, before taking a job at CBS News just a few weeks ago. Herridge was at Fox since the very first year it became a 24-hour news channel. She was there a long time, and I was sad to see her move over to CBS. Out of all the reporters in Washington, DC, you can probably count the fair, competent and professional ones on one hand. She was one of them. And now she’s proven that fact once again, even though she’s over at CBS News.

Herridge uncovered a bombshell buried within the Inspector General report that finally came out on December 9th. To be honest, I couldn’t make it through the IG report. I read the Mueller report in its entirety earlier this year, but there just weren’t enough hours in December for me to wade through the IG report’s 500-plus pages. Catherine Herridge did make it through the IG report, however, and here is what jumped out at her on Page 177.

Companies banning customers? Companies banning customers? Then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe wanted Christopher Steele’s Russian potty dossier details with their “potentially compromising material” included in the Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) that was going to be distributed to all of the intel agencies in late December of 2016. Why? Because Obama ordered McCabe to do that. Here’s a direct quote from the IG report:

“The Intel Section Chief said that [Andrew] McCabe understood President Obama’s request for the ICA to require the participating agencies to share all information relevant to Russia and the 2016 elections, and the Steele election reporting qualified at a minimum due to concerns over possible Russian attempts to blackmail Trump.”

There you have it. Congrats to Catherine Herridge on picking that tidbit out of the 500-plus page IG report.

Barack Obama personally ordered Andrew McCabe to include the Steele Russian potty dossier in the Intelligence Community Assessment, which was distributed far and wide in Washington. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) at the time received a copy of that same report, and immediately began calling for hearings to investigate Donald Trump’s colluding with Russia. This was in early January of 2017, after the ICA came out. It was also leaked to the press, most likely from McCain’s office.

And on top of that, Democrats in Congress began calling for Donald Trump’s impeachment on January 12, 2017 – eight days before Trump was sworn in as President of the United States. The Russian collusion coup attempt went all the way to the Oval Office at the time. Barack Obama knew about the coup attempt, and he was the one who directly ordered it. He gave the go-ahead for the Russian potty dossier to be distributed all over DC, knowing full well that someone would leak it to the media to smear our newly elected president.

The Steele potty dossier had of course been used by the FBI for several months prior to that, in order to lie to FISA court and unlawfully secure FISA warrants to spy on Carter Page. But the information had been kept somewhat hush-hush by the FBI until then. It was obviously a fake document, from the Russian consulate in Miami (which doesn’t exist) to Michael Cohen’s super-secret spy trip to Prague (which didn’t happen) to the hookers in a hotel room (which obviously didn’t happen). The FBI would have been embarrassed at being caught with their pants down at the time.

But then the unthinkable happened. Those crazy American voters elected Donald Trump. Desperate times called for desperate measures. So Barack Obama personally gave the go-ahead to include the Steele potty dossier in the ICA, ensuring that the information would get out. It’s all on page 177 of IG report if you want to check it out for yourself. Obama knew and he was running the show.

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Obummer was dirty and he still is.

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