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Title: The Task Ahead
Source: the twelve around blog
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Published: Aug 12, 2020
Author: T.L. Davis
Post Date: 2020-08-12 15:04:01 by X-15
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The election that seems prescient to so many looks rather irrelevant when the greater issues of the day are presented. The election has no bearing on the civil unrest that has risen up in the past few months. Antifa/BLM/Revcom (ABR) does not evaporate after the election. These violent Marxists are a permanent part of American society until the people themselves drive them out of the public square. That is the responsibility of the individual and groups of individuals everywhere. Neighborhood watches never had a more important or purposeful duty than to defend the people and property of their suburban neighborhoods from these Marxist groups sent out to intimidate the average American.

The massive, looming debt will not disappear after the election, in fact, it has just been put into high gear. There are plans to spend hundreds of trillions of dollars to secure the New Green Deal, to destroy the coal and oil markets, to simply legislate away private property and place the citizens under tight security. These things will happen if Joe Biden wins the election.

But, even if Donald Trump wins, that doesn't put the monetary genie back in the bottle. He has spent with greater abandon than any other American president in history and, after Obama, that's a serious indictment. Regardless of the fact that there was a pandemic and funds (it was said) had to be issued to stave off wholesale bankruptcies, bankrupting the nation is no salve for that condition. Instead, forcing businesses to continue through the pandemic should have been the answer. There is no data, no science that proves that shutting down the economy was necessary or even warranted. In fact, everything Americans know about the pandemic has been a lie. Some of the lies have been outrageous and egregious lies, but the authorities pushed those lies with relish. It was a power grab by minor and otherwise unknown officials. It was a chance to stand in the spotlight and pronounce edicts with the authority of a king.

The crisis in education will continue after the election, too. This is a serious problem, one that goes unnoticed while the students are at school getting instruction from some of the most evil agents of indoctrination who practice brainwashing with the enthusiasm of the Khmer Rouge. Children in American schools are no longer taught important skills to fix a broken nation, instead, many schools teach the methods of burning the society to the ground. They are taught that the United States is a horrific nation deserving of destruction. The children are being taught to be activists for communism, arsonists let loose on the land of the free.

The justice system is so broken that traitors who attempted a coup against a sitting president continue to walk about and appear on television shows bragging about the cleverness of the attempt. The justice system in many cities are unable or unwilling to stop riots and looting. Judges and district attorneys are part of the mob, cheering on the destruction and several influential lawyers have been arrested throwing molotov cocktails. This is a failure that can hardly be fathomed, much less tolerated, it threatens the entire underpinning of civil society. The only answer to a justice system that does not protect individuals is for individuals to protect themselves.

Another crucial piece of the United States system is the concept of two-party politics that restrains one party from wreaking havoc on the citizens of the other party. That has been all but abandoned in both the congress, where Republicans are so cowardly that they refuse to stand up for their constituents and in the control of entire states by the dominance of one party in major cities, leaving nearly half of the population without representation of any sort.

None of this can be solved by an election.

America is at a crucial moment in history when one system has failed and all wait and wonder what the new system will be. Very likely, with all of the momentum in the direction of tyranny and force, it will be an ugly, miserable system. While they might hope for a resurgence of American freedom, the opposite has been steadily built on top of that very freedom, smothering it for decades, piling rules and regulations on top of one another until their weight is so great that freedom is no longer known, much less imagined or brought into the light.

It is not enough to win an election. It is not enough to reverse the ruthless penalties brought onto the heads of those laboring to survive not only the pandemic, but the economic disaster it wrought. It is not enough to beg for what little freedom is left. One must be rabidly anti-communist. One must thirst for freedom, demand it beyond all restraint, settle for nothing less than an eradication of the small ministerial laws that sneak communism into every corner of the republic, for that is the root of all we see today. That is the root of Antifa/BLM and Revcom. It is the normalizing of force, the institutionalizing of extortion. Even one law that places the state above the individual is one too many. That one law becomes a guidepost for imprisoning a barber for cutting hair. To imagine that possibility is an affront to American freedom. It still rings with the sound of a thousand chains in the patriot's head.

What comes to America after the election, no matter which way it goes, is a fight for the survival of American freedom. It is not something that can be done through elections. Each law that allowed petty tyrants to destroy the livelihoods of fellow citizens must be ripped out by the roots. Communist actors that enter the neighborhood must be forced out. If anything has been made abundantly clear over the past few months it is that the police will not help. They have lost the understanding of their oaths. They are subject to the whims of heretical politicians and that makes them dangerous to freedom, because they have no reasoning, no understanding of right and wrong, just instructions, whatever those instructions might be. They rely on no laws, no legislation, but respond to the orders of tyrants and dutifully obey. Breaking that relationship should be high on the agenda as well. There is room for reorganizing the police as so many communists demand, but reorganizing them to fit a model of freedom is just as easy and more necessary.

There will be a lot to do in the coming months. It will be an uphill fight with every institution against one's efforts. Not even those on the side of freedom know what that means, they repeat it like a parrot, but do not know. Show them. The world waits your every move.

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