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Title: Investing in Wall Street
Source: Dakmar
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Published: Aug 13, 2020
Author: Dakmar
Post Date: 2020-08-13 20:47:27 by Dakmar
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I had an opportunity to buy stock at 15% discount through Employee Stock Purchase Plan, and since I had already created an E-trade account, I decided to let loose of $2000 and open an individual account. It's still just sitting there now, hasn't cleared the EFT, but I had what I thought were some damned good idea, looking for feedback.

I've been checking Yahoo Finance every day looking for Biggest Loosers. But cheap and wait for it to go up is my thinking. I know, hindsight is 20/20, but all of these fit in with my thinking

Lazydays Holdings, Inc. (LAZY) - could have bought at $9.66 on July 14, worth $15.31 today. They make RVs/Campers - people are going to get tired of lockdown and will want to travel, and Portland/Seattle/Chicago/Baltimore ain't gonna be a big draw for the foreseeable future...

Shiseido Company, Limited (SSDOF) - dropped like 22% yesterday, but still overvalued IMO. Peaked at $82.18 Oct 1, 2019, but that was part of a huge mountain, was about $25.00 in 2018 and prior. Japanese/global cosmetics firm, in business since 1882 or something like that. Once the bars/geisha houses open back up...

I wish I had bought Ford a few months ago when it was $3.63, it's back up to $9.something.

I'm looking at 5 year trends, not interested in anything that is selling for huge amounts now compared to what it was a year ago.

Any thoughts?

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#2. To: Dakmar (#0)

My wife and daughter dabble in the stock market with pretty good success; I'll try to get you a recommendation or two.

We bought some Marathon Petroleum (MPC) after it dropped like a rock when gov crashed everything back in February. Bought some at $30 and more at $24, and it's been recovering slowly since then. They just sold their Speedway gas stations, and the financial bloviators all seem to like that move.

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