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Title: First amendment audits
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Published: Aug 24, 2020
Author: Me
Post Date: 2020-08-24 23:05:52 by titorite
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This month cops shot a black man in the back that was not complying but was not violent.

Last month they shot a white guy in the back thatnwas armed but complaint and obeying, still shot ryan witaker in the back.

One front of his kids the other in front of his old lady.

Cops see no line but blue because they are a gang. Trained to be cowards and value their own lives first above all others.

Weve trained our law enforcement to be armed cowards. This has been a big mistake.

Marines runs at bullets to save lives

Cops run away from bullets to save their own skins.

Weve made a big mistake trust cops to investigate themselves for wromg doing and now ACAB is true because bad cops run out good cops justblike any gang will do.

Defunding aint the answer. Train cops to be more than cowards.

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