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Title: Violent drug cartel in Mexico are using BOMB equipped drones to assassinate enemies
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Published: Sep 8, 2020
Author: Dan Lyman
Post Date: 2020-09-08 17:39:16 by Horse
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Here comes the poor man's Predator.

The bombs were made of Tupperware-like containers full of c4 charges, a common plastic explosive, and ball bearings for shrapnel.

The discovery was linked to the Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG), or Jalisco New Generation Cartel, which has continued to exert a tight grip on its home turf of the Jalisco state and surrounding areas.

In fact, CJNG’s control extends to Mexico’s southwest Pacific coastline, along the Gulf of Mexico on the other side of the country and several states in the U.S.

And in July, authorities estimated that CJNG oversaw around one-third of all drugs being transported from Mexico into the U.S.

Operations have also reached out to other parts of the globe, including Europe and Asia.

CJNG entered the cartel ring in 2009 as an offshoot of the Milenio Cartel and has conducted an aggressive, brutal campaign against enemies, local Mexican law enforcement and civilian self-defense groups.

The massive paycheck being brought in has helped finance a swath of new vehicles, weapons and equipment for sicarios and foot soldiers, The Drive reports.

CJNG in July sought to prove their tactical power with a video they shared that was picked up by local media outlets.

El Mencho succeeded the notorious Joaquin Guzman , or El Chapo, as top dog among Mexican cartels after Guzman received a life sentence in prison on July 17, 2019. In November 2019, the Drug Enforcement Administration reported that CJNG had extended their drug operations into 35 states and Puerto Rico.

Poster Comment:

ight I point out that the population of Mexico was 28 million in 1950. Today it is 132 million and there are 34 million Mexican-Americans. In the past we made America to appear wealthier than it was by printing tens of trillions in I Owe You Nothing Federal Reserve Notes to buy free stuff from overseas. Look at the price of gold and silver. This tells you than in the near future foreigners will demand gold instead of worthless paper. When the Dollar Dies, your $20 an hour after taxes job will be permanently cut to $10 an hour. Get back to me and tell me then that a Wall is racist. I wrote this:

Senator, Why Do You Want to Cut Our Wages and Pensions 50%?

I should write a sequel. I think we are closer to permanent 60% paycuts.(1 image)

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