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Title: 15 Workers Who Got Revenge on Their Boss
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Published: Sep 10, 2020
Author: Amerikano
Post Date: 2020-09-20 16:05:21 by BTP Holdings
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Homer Simpson called killing your boss ‘the American dream’. Well, maybe that’s a little excessive, but as humans we have deep and complex hormonal and emotional reactions to hierarchy, and a lot of the time a tyrannical boss drives us to thoughts of revenge because, let’s face it, we hate being told what to do by someone who earns more than you and probably does far less work. So from the guy who used the simplest method of revenge of all to the Bulgarian tractor driver who knew just what to do, here’s 15 workers who got revenge on their boss!

Poster Comment:

When I worked for State of Illinois, the guy that operated the road grader put the steer tire on top of the hood of a car that got too close to him. I bet that guy realized too late he made a big mistake.

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