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Title: Las Vegas Street Brawls looks like they are becoming very common place
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Published: Oct 6, 2020
Author: Andy Ngo
Post Date: 2020-10-06 10:58:54 by Horse
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Another night of mass-violence and fights on the Las Vegas Strip courtesy of Governor Sisolak’s New Approved Visitors! This is what the LINQ Promenade now looks like..

Yep... fights even inside the Casinos too! Nothing but class coming into the new Las Vegas.

Even in the Casinos you’re not safe... Sisolak’s mask patrol was upset that this guy wasn’t wearing his mask correctly.... Welcome to the new Las Vegas...

Not a shocker at the Siegel Suites... another one of the dozens of attacks this weekend, yet again unreported by our local media who can’t seem to find a camera crew... they must be busy promoting BLM riots again!

Can’t stop the Ghetto violence and open Riots inside his Casino, but Wynn CEO wants normal people to submit to biometric testing and being assigned a digital barcode to work, attend conventions and attend events in Las Vegas!

Siegel Suites - probably not the biggest shocker, but some more Vegas Visitors wreaking havoc on our town...

Show at a Circus Circus Las Vegas courtesy of our new improved Sisolak Strip approved visitors

Our daily reminder that as long as your are part of BLM or Antifa & are actively destroying our city you are free from Sisolak’s mask and no mass-gathering mandates... own a small business you’re screwed, destroy our economy you’re treated as a hero!

Shooting happened outside gigantic moneybaggyo party outside Aria - Apparently in Sisolak's Vegas rappers, BLM and democrats are allowed -- church, the Rodeo and business conventions not so much!

Just some of Sisolak's New Raiders fans getting in on his new and improved Las Vegas Strip nightly fight action before the game. Again ignored by the local media, they were to busy sending entire news crews to the stadium to party during what they claim is some sort of pandemic!

Welcome to the New Las Vegas courtesy of Steve Sisolak and the Democrats... doesn’t matter where you go, even just driving down Sahara you now see fights and chaos

These new Sisolak Approved Las Vegas Visitors sure are classy!

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