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Title: Eager-To-Lose GOP Votes To Condemn QAnon
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Published: Oct 9, 2020
Author: US Politics And News
Post Date: 2020-10-13 07:51:01 by BTP Holdings
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Eager-To-Lose GOP Votes To Condemn QAnon

By US Politics And News Last updated Oct 9, 2020

Donald Trump had to drag the Republican Party kicking and screaming across the finish line in 2016. The GOP’s habit of reflexively losing was difficult to overcome, but Trump managed to win despite former House Speaker Paul Ryan’s best efforts to lose badly. Keeping elected Republicans on the same page as their own base is a bit like herding cats. It never ends. In their latest rush to toss away a winnable 2016 election, House Republicans have voted overwhelmingly with the Democrats… to condemn QAnon.

QAnon, of course, is the Trump-supporting internet phenomenon that you’ve probably heard a bit about over the past few years. Someone, somewhere, occasionally posts cryptic statements and photographs from within President Trump’s inner circle. Millions of people then try to decipher the messages.

People now show up at Trump rallies wearing ‘Q’ hats and T-shirts and watch the president’s every move like hawks to see if he makes some sort of secret hand signal to the movement. The QAnon “drops” that appear online periodically are borderline non-sensical – but the reaction to them is hilarious.

‘Q’ will post a short screed online that reads something like, “Everyone focused on the Peanut Butter/Jelly sandwich in the right hand. But they missed what was in Gen. Flynn’s LEFT hand on 07/14/2006. POTUS KNOWS. Follow the Plan!”

It’s raucously funny to then watch QAnon followers pen 15,000-word articles online trying to decipher the message. And I’m not saying this in any way to denigrate or make fun of the QAnon folks. It’s truly entertaining and of course, bonus points for enraging Democrats so much.

The Big Bankruptcy You Should Be Afraid Of The Big Bankruptcy You Should Be Afraid Of The main point of ‘Q’ is that there is a shadowy group of world elites and Deep Staters that are involved in child trafficking and cannibalism, all of which is allegedly tied to people like Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and the Clintons. Trump is going to roll the entire Deep State child trafficking ring up and conduct military trials to convict them in a big event known as “The Storm.” While I had hopes years ago that there was a grain of truth to QAnon, I pretty much abandoned it after one of the “main leaders” of Trump’s Storm team recused himself from the Russiagate investigation (Jeff Sessions). We all should have known it was bogus back then.

But the QAnon messages continue to drop and millions of Trump voters still support it. I still support it because it makes the libs mad, even though I think it’s all a bit silly. And it is true that the Trump administration has rescued more children and arrested more child traffickers than any previous president in history. Since Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest earlier this year, there’s been a huge uptick in the number of rescued children and arrested traffickers by the US Marshalls. That’s not a conspiracy theory, you can look it up yourself. It’s true.

Because the QAnon followers make fun of the elites and the mainstream media, the movement is attacked and denigrated as a bunch of “conspiracy theorists” who are “dangerous.” Dangerous to whom?

If conspiracy theories are so awful and dangerous, why does MSNBC still have a broadcast license? Here are some of the “headlines” in the news today as I’m writing this:

Donald Trump is faking COVID-19 for sympathy

Donald Trump is gravely ill from COVID-19 and should abdicate his authority

Wildfires in Oregon, California and Washington are caused by “white Christians”

The Mathematical Association of America has declared math to be racist, especially when the math is done by the Trump administration

But those QAnon folks are spreading dangerous misinformation!

Say what you will about the Q followers, but there are millions of them, and they love President Trump and America.

Which is why it’s infuriating that 140 Republicans in the House of Representatives voted with the Democrats on a resolution to condemn QAnon and its followers. That was your own base, morons!

Let it sink in for a moment that after Black Lives Matter and Antifa just spent the past four months rioting, looting, burning stores, hurting people and committing murder… that a majority of House Republicans just condemned their own base as violent conspiracy theorists. No one from the QAnon movement has set anything on fire. They’ve never hurt anyone.

The only crime of Q supporters has been that they embarrass Democrats and the elites, because they don’t want the public to forget how cozy they all were with Jeffrey Epstein. It’s all just harmless fun, wink, wink.

Meanwhile, here’s a guy running for State Representative in Massachusetts as a Democrat who was just caught trying to pick up a 14-year-old boy online. WWG1WGA!

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