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Title: Journalists’ “Security” Kills a Conservative Demonstrator
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Published: Oct 14, 2020
Author: Gregory Hood
Post Date: 2020-10-14 08:15:50 by Ada
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We never stop hearing about Heather Heyer. She was the young woman who died at the Unite the Right protest in Charlottesville in 2017. A jury convicted James Fields of hate crimes and a judge sentenced him to life in prison for ramming his car into demonstrators. They judged it a deliberate action. A man threatened Fields with a rifle not long before the crash, but this evidence didn’t help Mr. Fields.

Charlottesville was disastrous for the Alt Right. Its effects were so damaging that even the term “Alt Right” is barely used anymore, in favor of “Dissident Right.” The coalition that put together the event has fragmented. However, in defense of the organizers, no one could have predicted that the local police would provoke a fight by first forcing demonstrators to walk through antifa and then driving them into antifa again. “Let them fight a little,” then-Police Chief Al Thomas reportedly said, “it will make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly.” I don’t think this had ever happened before, and demonstrators could not have anticipated it.

Journalists have worked hard ever since to make Charlottesville a Sorelian Myth for the Left, a story about “white nationalists” attacking a city. There would have been a peaceful rally if not for antifa. Democratic politicians such as Kamala Harris still accuse President Trump of praising neo-Nazis. He did no such thing, but the accusation is endlessly repeated.

However, even if we accepted the Left’s mythical version about what happened in Charlottesville in 2017, it was nothing compared to what some American cities are going through almost every night. Last night in Portland, leftist demonstrators toppled statues of Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.

While many reporters fret about white militias, armed blacks have marched by the hundreds in Lafayette, Louisiana and Louisville, Kentucky. In Seattle, anarchists set up an “Autonomous Zone,” which authorities let operate until there were several shootings. The grieving father of victim Horace Lorenzo Anderson Sr. appeared on Sean Hannity’s program for a gut-wrenching segment, but his son’s “Black Life” was ignored by other media. Antifa “security” shot two black teenagers. As of this writing, no one has been arrested for the crime, and few journalists seem to care.

We now get this:

Mass rallies during a pandemic when we there is supposed to be “social distancing.” Protesters demonstrating outside people’s homes and in residential areas. Protestors blocking roads and attacking drivers, and in one case, pursuing a driver who tried to escape. In one case, a driver hit and killed Summer Taylor. It briefly became a major story and the driver would have been another James Fields, but it turns out he was black. Massive property destruction, with insurance companies expected to cover more than two billion dollars in losses. Small businesses ruined. In Portland, riots every night for months, with a progressive District Attorney letting accused criminals walk free by dropping charges.

There have also been outright assassinations. Self-described “security contractor” and antifa supporter Michael Reinoehl shot and killed Patriot Prayer supporter Aaron Danielson last month. Vice gave him favorable coverage after the crime. Federal marshals tracked him down soon afterward and killed him.

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