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Title: Things I'd Say in Trump's Place, in the Electoral Race
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Published: Oct 18, 2020
Author: Sterling Anderson
Post Date: 2020-10-18 08:28:18 by Ada
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Watching the first debate, Trump had the best material, but lost the advantage by coming across as rude. So the first thing is not what I’d say, but how to say it. I hope someone can share this with him. Speak softly and carry a big stick.

Now the big elephant stick in the elections room is the race issue. With Trump down in the polls, the critical thing is to maximize his base in his electoral college states. In the rest of the country, whites are already a voting minority, because so many of them vote anti-white.

1. So here’s my first imaginary zinger back at the racism card:

“If all white people are racists, like the DNC claims, then why did we let the percentage of non-white people in America double in two generations, from 20% in 1980 to 40% in 2020?”

That’s the cat to let out of the bag, because our house is sleeping soundly through the greatest ethnic cleansing in history, right before our eyes. Most of us are still taken in by rhetoric about “helping minorities” – when we already are a minority among young people in this country.

When people realize we’re an endangered species, they see things differently. Somebody needs to wake them up, if possible by November 3rd.

This last 40 years we lost our majority while squandering our energies on God knows what causes and issues. We ignored the question of life and death for the white race, the fate of the Northern Hemisphere.

We’re full speed ahead to become just another Latin American nation. We’ll keep taking in Third World immigrants until we’re just another Third World failed state ourselves. Is that what you want for your children? The DNC won’t save us, that’s been their strategy all along.

We are losing both our continents, North America and Europe, and will become the only race without a homeland of our own. In another 40 years we will be only 40% in the USA, by the end of the century maybe just 20%.

But even with 60%, we are a doomed minority now, as long as one sixth of us are in the fifth column. That’s what the Electoral Races are about now – getting our race awake, not “woke.”

We built this great nation, and we’re giving it away to people who don’t like us very much. We shared our technology with the world, and in return, they are crowding us out.

Now you see what Trump meant by MAGA and Immigration Wall? But he couldn’t say it straight out. Maybe he can give out the line,

“If all white people are racists, like BLM says, then why did we let our white majority drop from 80% in 1980 to 60% in 2020?”

2. The Plague of 2020: Covid Shutdowns.

Trump was right about reopening our economy, Biden was wrong about masks forever, or “listening to scientists” who don’t even listen to each other disagreeing. The Covid lockdowns and fearmongering are the revenge of the Deep State.

What do you think – Could Trump get away with a remark like this?

“In 2016 I promised to do my best to drain the swamp of the Deep State. Now the Deep State is trying to swamp me with the Covid shutdowns and the riots. The DNC is ready to destroy America just to gain power. Never vote for those who advocate a violent overthrow of the government.”

The deeper agenda of the Covid lockdowns is not just to get Trump but to reinforce socialism, surveillance and dictatorial powers, deeper national debt, and the destruction of small businesses.

In response to questions about Covid treatment – like Biden’s jab about injecting bleach, or if they ask why he didn’t take hydroxychloroquine at Walter Reed, Trump could respond that

“HCQ is about helping the zinc in your body help the immune system. There is a very successful Covid treatment coming out of Florida now called the ICAM protocol, and it has zinc and vitamin C for immune system support. Having a healthy immune system is at least as important as wearing a mask.”

3. The Outsider.

“I’m not a politician. I’m an outsider like you, a citizen trying to fix the mess politicians, the deep state, people like Joe Biden have made. That’s why the media are trying to shut me down, because I’m not playing their game.”

What’s refreshing about Trump, for all his foibles, is that he really isn’t a politician. He’s just the only guy standing between us and a total victory by the Deep State, incarnated in the DNC.

4. The Wire.

Fact check – is it true that Biden was wearing a teleprompter wire in the first debate? What is the best way to handle that – Show a snapshot of the wire on his Iphone screen? (There was a wire on his chest and a transmitter in his sleeve shown on Infowars.) Can he ask Joe to take off his shirt right during the debate? We’ll see who’s better at reality shows. 🙂

5. The Green New Deal with Open Borders is a Scam.

“The demagogues at the DNC will tell you we can keep letting in more immigrants, increase your standard of living, and reduce our carbon footprint. They are lying. Those three things all go against each other.”

Back to the Electoral Races.

6. The BLM Scam.

Trump was right about law and order and the thin blue line. I don’t know if he can say on prime time that most of the BLM icons and “martyrs” fell afoul of the police while doing crime and drugs, or even shooting the cops first, and that makes it an insult to the black community to hold them up as heroes?

7. Maintaining a white majority is not “white supremacy.”

You can be proud of who you are, while letting others be proud of their own identity. There’s a difference of night and day between inviting people over, and helping them evict you from your own house. You can be multicultural every day of the week, and still have the right and duty to belong to and defend your own ethnos. It has nothing to do with racism, in the meaning of “racial hatred.” It’s defense, not offense. The critical race theorists are the real racists, because they are out to devalue and deny us as a people with their hate speech.

And we do have plenty to be proud of. Frankly, we authored up to 90% of humanity’s top achievements in science, technology, philosophy and culture, and we’re still at it. Who else but us do you imagine stands a chance of tackling the challenges facing civilization on this planet?

Worldwide the white minority has already been cut in half, down from 30% to 15%, projected to drop to a tiny 3% by the end of the century. Kind of scary.

The DNC is the party of demagogy. They would be just fine with 3% whites. They are always looking for a new splinter group for their patchwork of clients.

Real democracy means to run the country so it works and delivers the goods for everyone. It’s not to create a supermajority of special interest groups who are supposedly oppressed and need to be propped up by pork-barrel politicians with our hard-earned funds. That’s the DNC road to failure and dystopia.

The DNC would bring a billion people here from the Third World to help them keep power. They don’t mind that we will then be a Third World country ourselves. There’s plenty of cushy spots for corrupt politicos in such places, with no oversight and cheap prostitutes, a ponerological dream. That’s why we need a non-politician like Trump.

The Demagogic DNC is pushing unlimited immigration and subsidies for welfare, while also claiming to be our Green Party. Yet our planet already can’t handle 300 million American consumers, so a billion blue voters will cook planet Earth to a crisp. Penguin Books author Matthew Yglesias is already out there plumping for “One Billion Americans. What would actually make America great: more people.”

No, we need to either cut immigration or cut the standard of living AND the carbon footprint, and that might even be something Trump – but no politician – could say in the debates. The demagogues of dystopia, hypocrites like LBJ with his Great Society, love to pretend we can have it both ways. They don’t care if the world goes up in flames, as long as they are the ones running it. To get elected, they’ll pay those who are part of the problem, and punish those who are part of the solution – and that is a recipe for a failed state, even a failed species.

We don’t have to accept failure as the inevitable result of the laws of nature. White demise was legislated by DNC strategists in the 1960’s, with power grabs over hiring, housing, education and immigration. In Europe it is being engineered by leftist billionaire George Soros. They are just ordinary mortals like us.

If we wake up, we can turn the tide. If we sleep, it will drown us.

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#1. To: Ada (#0)

As to your #1, The more developed countries become, the more the birthrate drops. As more women seek feminine independence, as happens as countries become more "enlightened" the fewer women there are who choose life as a homemaker. Third world countries such as Afghanistan under Taliban rule where females are not even allowed to go to school leave women pretty much in a subjugated role of child bearing and raising leading to high birth rates.

But other undeveloped countries end up the same even without harsh Islamic rule.

But also, high taxes in developed countries also compel women to join the commercial work force instead of raising families. How long has it been since a single income was enough to allow a middle class family to be successful and happy in today's world? And much of the tax burden we have is used simply to pay interest on the national debt, brought to us by one f'd up system of congressional representation and corrupt cronyism.

Pinguinite  posted on  2020-10-18   10:47:30 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: Pinguinite, Ada (#1)

Good article and good comment, thanks.

“The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out... without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, intolerable.” ~ H. L. Mencken

Lod  posted on  2020-10-18   12:50:44 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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