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Title: Mexican journalist exposes Joe Biden for signing compact that created influx of child trafficking, immigrant children in cages
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Published: Nov 1, 2020
Author: Joe Biden
Post Date: 2020-11-01 13:40:45 by Horse
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Immediately following the final presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Mexican journalist Oscar “El Blue” Ramirez, based out of Tijuana, created a live event to dispel the deadly lies spewed by Biden concerning children in “cages” at America’s southern border.

Joining the chorus of the rest of the liberal left, Biden not surprisingly tried to blame Trump for immigrant children being “separated from their parents” at the border, accusing the current administration of creating the “border cages” where parentless children are supposedly being housed.

What Biden failed to mention, however, is that it was he and Barack Obama who signed the U.N. Global Compact that created those border cages in the first place, not to mention the tens of thousands of immigrant children that have been trafficked through America’s southern border ever since the Obama administration made it all possible.

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