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Title: Obama: The internet is “the single biggest threat to our democracy”
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Published: Nov 17, 2020
Author: Mike Rivero
Post Date: 2020-11-17 10:18:07 by Horse
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Back in 2008, Barack Obama famously harnessed the internet and social media to help win the White House. He kept up the embrace once he got there.

Now he worries that the internet and social media have helped create “the single biggest threat to our democracy.”

Obama has been saying a version of this for four years — since he left the White House — but his words are getting steadily more pointed. He’s clearly sounding an alarm, but it’s not exactly clear what he thinks we should do about it.

His latest critique comes in a new interview between Obama and Atlantic editor Jeffrey Goldberg, and before we go any further we should put it in full context: Obama was discussing a media landscape dominated not just by Facebook but by Fox News that allows Americans to choose their own distorted reality. Which means, he says, we no longer have a shared set of facts.

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#1. To: Horse (#0)

Whenever you see the words "Our Democracy", it is not all of ours, it is theirs. I got a letter from this voting place here in Saint Paul that says "This is our future" but when you read it, it is really just about the socialists future.

"Call Me Ishmael" -Ishmael, A character from the book "Moby Dick" 1851. "Call Me Fishmeal" -Osama Bin Laden, A character created by the CIA, and the world's Hide And Seek Champion 2001-2011. -Tommythemadartist

TommyTheMadArtist  posted on  2020-11-17   14:00:07 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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