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Title: 5 Best Foods High in Collagen (and Your Plan to Boost Collagen Levels)
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Published: Nov 14, 2020
Author: Rachael Link, RD
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5 Best Foods High in Collagen (and Your Plan to Boost Collagen Levels)

Posted on November 14, 2020

Best collagen foods

By Rachael Link, RD

Collagen is an important type of protein that many of us may not be getting enough of from our diets, considering it’s not found in typical protein sources like most cuts of meat.

Although supplementation is widely available, including a few servings of collagen-rich foods and - boosting foods in your diet can also help optimize your levels. This in turn is supportive of healthy joints, skin health and gut health.

Which collagen foods are the best ones to focus on? Let’s take a closer look at what exactly collagen does and a few of the top collagen-rich foods to emphasize in your diet.

Why Your Body Craves More Collagen

Collagen is a type of structural protein found in abundance throughout the body in connective tissues, such as the joints and skin. Often considered the glue that holds the body together, it’s generally responsible for supplying suppleness to the skin, keeping your joints moving smoothly, and much more.

As you get older, however, collagen production naturally starts to decline. There are also a variety of lifestyle factors that can interfere with collagen synthesis, such as smoking, too much sun exposure and a poor diet.

Generally speaking, increasing your intake of collagen can help in these areas:

> Supports a healthy gut and impacts gut lining integrity
> Supports the health of your joints, tendons and connective tissue,
> impacting comfort and mobility
> Helps promote healthy hair, nails and skin, including skin elasticity
> Can assist in building muscle
> Supports the health of the heart and blood vessels

Using a collagen supplement is perhaps the most easy and effective way to kick up collagen levels, but consuming a variety of collagen foods — and foods that help the health of the collagen your body is already making on its own — are other options to help increase levels.

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