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Title: Brasscheck's wacky-jew video of a white preacher on black crime
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Published: Nov 19, 2020
Author: BrasscheckTV, TED
Post Date: 2020-11-19 11:04:32 by NeoconsNailed
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From: "Brasscheck TV" To: "Nelson" Subject: Normalizing tragedy

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A truly unique and illuminating talk from a pastor named "White Mike."


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Poster Comment:

This is absolutely bizarre. HE is absolutely bizarre. Have the 1960s returned?

From the very first this moron's jarringly leaving out half the story. Murderous blacks glorified on radio? Yeah, black-on-black or black-on-white killing in the lyrics of rap 'music'. I almost can't believe it, but when he finally gets to the supposed cause of the half-described problem it's not genetics carried over from tribal Africa or a 'ghetto' culture of violence, but "RACISM > PREJUDICE > DISCRIMINATION". Yeah, whitey, you're the reason for the bleedin'!

Never trust a fast-talking 'liberal' -- they're a special kind of con. "White Mike" whinges about 'black homicide' but leaves something out: who's committing it. The rate of the jabber is directly proportionate to the evil of the thesis. The more fevered the appeal to political correctness, the more it's an emotional manipulation against reality.

Brasscheck is great except on the rare occasions its gefiltefish breath becomes overwhelming. They're one of the best sites out there -- but watch out when they get on any aspect of 'diversity'. Wouldn't you know the first time they send out a video with 'white' in the title it's going to be totally twisted. A TED talk, no less!

Smith has to be a Heeber himself. The MacGuffin occurs at 8:20 when he calls white people stupid for not getting his clearly fake thesis, and it takes off from there. Halfway through the video he's trying to tell you it's insane or evil to go with the obvious, Occam's razor conclusion. He's got to be a trained change agent.

Notice the site's terse presentation this time. The Brasscheck jews (Goodman Green and co.) like this guy, but don't dare try to describe him or his topic, i.e. the evil of whiteness. Shame on 'em! James Corbett just bared his jew fangs too, by presenting a mock church service he did up at a freedom conference in Europe.

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