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Title: Call To Action
Source: The Justice Foundation
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Published: Nov 20, 2020
Author: Sonny
Post Date: 2020-11-20 20:41:23 by sonny
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Pray (and act) so that the integrity of our elections can be restored!

The article below was recently sent to us by one of the leaders of a Prayer Line that prays daily for President Trump. See 1Timothy 2:1-8. I know that some of you don’t think there’s any chance the election could be ultimately determined for President Trump, and some of you are happy with the current result. But I also know that many of you want the most pro-life president in history to be reelected. Perhaps all of us can agree that there be a fair and accurate count. If that is your desire, here is potential action information for you below.

Advancing Life, Liberty and Justice in Him,

Allan E. Parker, Jr.


The Justice Foundation

Call To Action: "Contact the State House Speakers and State Majority Leaders in each of these states (listed below)…both by phone and email...and urge them to stand up for our national integrity and see that their state’s votes are accurately counted."

by Maureen Bravo, National Strategic Prayer Line

"With so many asking: “WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP THE PRESIDENT?” we finally have that information!

Having recently spoken to President Trump, a personal friend of his for years, political consultant Dick Morris did an interview with Eric Metaxas in which he shared the President's request to get this message out to all Americans:

For the sake of the Republic, for this nation’s future and for the welfare of the world,

President Trump is asking every American, (not just those who live in these 5 key states with disputed election results), to write to the Republican leaders of these states and urge them not to certify their elections until all legal votes are counted accurately! Pray.

A critical piece of information is that the power to assign (select) the electorate (those who choose the President) is vested in the State Article 2, Section 1 of the US Constitution. To assure a fair election, Republican leaders in these 5 states..(all of which are controlled by Republican legislatures...and 4 of which have Republican Governors)…must be fully mobilized!

This is a call to “whomsoever will”...a call to action! We must each make a personal commitment to contact the State House Speakers and State Majority Leaders in each of these states...both by phone and email...and urge them to stand up for our national integrity and see that their state’s votes are accurately counted. Pray.

Here is what we must insist upon when we contact them:

1- That all signatures to be verified…(and if there is a court order in that state not to verify signatures, the legislature can override that!) 2- That all counting and recounting is done with a Rep inspector right at the table, watching as it’s happening! 3- That the Trump team be given a full list of registered voters who cast votes, so that they may check that and find out who is still alive!

In GA, there were almost 200 people who supposedly voted, who were between the ages of 105-110.

There were 2.000 who supposedly voted, who are over the age of 100.

There were 27,000 who supposedly voted, who are over the age of 90.

Of these, some individuals may NOT have actually voted themselves...and some may be dead.

Calls must be made to determine the truth! Pray.

As the hero from MISSION IMPOSSIBLE was told, as he received the information needed to complete an assignment: “Your Mission, if you choose to accept it, is…” We now have the necessary information and know what to say, so let’s accept the mission our President has called us to, and take action...for God and country! Pray.

“Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me?”

Jeremiah 32:27

Please call and email these Republican leaders in each of the states and share the 3 points above. DO IT...TODAY!


Contact David Ralston, Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives


Contact Mike Dugan, Georgia Senate Majority Leader



Contact Bryan Cutler (R), Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives


Email Bryan Cutler here:

Contact Jake Corman (R), Pennsylvania Senate Majority Leader


Email Jake Corman here:


Contact Russell Bowers (R), Arizona Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives


Rick Gray Contact (R), Arizona Senate Majority Leader


Email Rick Gray here:


Contact Lee Chatfield (R), Michigan Speaker of the House of Representatives


Contact Mike Shirkey (R), Michigan Senate Majority Leader



Contact Mr. Robin Vos (R), Wisconsin Speaker of the State Assembly


Contact Scott Fitzgerald (R), Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader*


Email Scott Fitzgerald

*Scott Fitzgerald was elected to Congress on Nov. 3rd, but he is still the current WI Senate Majority Leader.

Contact Devin LeMahieu (R), The newly-elected Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader


Email Devin LeMahieu

We pray:

That millions of patriotic Americans will call and email these Republican leaders on behalf of the integrity of our elections and the future of our nation! Pray.

That when people call and email, these legislators will KNOW we mean business and will do what they musts in each of their states to assure the integrity of this election! Pray.

That as the evidence that is presented, by those helping to expose the election fraud, it will be well organized, absolutely clear and undeniable! Pray.

That any attack that tries to intimidate or silence those gathering this information will not succeed. Pray.

That what appears to be a “sham” recount in Georgia will be exposed and that the Republican state officials will do what the law requires of them. (We pray this for each state involved!) Pray.

That all those involved in the corruption and election fraud will be caught and held accountable, so that the integrity of our elections can be restored! Pray

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