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Title: Dear Kamala: If You Truly Believe You Won, Resign Your Senate Seat Today
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Published: Nov 21, 2020
Author: staff
Post Date: 2020-11-21 07:53:20 by BTP Holdings
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Dear Kamala: If You Truly Believe You Won, Resign Your Senate Seat Today

This has been true for thousands of years: If you want to know what someone really believes, watch what they do. “Actions speak louder than words.” What are the actions of Kamala Harris, the mainstream media, the Big Tech censorships czars and others on fake “President- Elect” Biden’s team telling us? These people aren’t acting like the 2020 election has been settled. They look like a bunch of people who are frantically hoping to run out the clock by getting the results certified as quickly as possible. Especially the woman who is supposedly the “Vice President-Elect.”

Kamala Harris made her triumphant return to the US Senate this week. She received a classified intelligence briefing. She voted against President Trump’s nominee for the Federal Reserve Board of Governors (Judy Shelton). And then she talked to reporters by taking a jab at President Trump: “The American people want leaders that respect our democracy and our democratic process.”

What’s she doing there?

More specifically: If Kamala Harris truly believes that the election was fair-and-square, and that she and Joe Biden were the rightful winners, why hasn’t she resigned from her US Senate seat yet?

If she believes she’s going to be sworn in on January 20th with Beijing Biden, why is she holding onto her current job and the power that it conveys to her? Shouldn’t she be devoting all her time to a smooth transition? For the good of her state, shouldn’t she resign immediately so that California can get to work on selecting her replacement?

We all know the answer. She doesn’t think the election is over. She’s hanging onto her Senate seat for now, in case the Trump campaign’s numerous swing state lawsuits prevail and the results don’t go her way.

Poop like a dump truck Poop like a dump truck

While we’re on the subject, California’s governor hasn’t had any discussions on who he would appoint to replace Senator Harris. He doesn’t seem to think the election is over, either.

A few weeks ago I mentioned one of the most refreshingly noble acts that we’ve seen an American politician take in modern history, and it’s worth repeating again here. When Senator Bob Dole won the Republican nomination for president in June of 1996, he immediately resigned from the Senate. He didn’t cling to his Senate seat for 6 more months, “just in case.” He resigned and allowed the State of Kansas to fill his seat in a timely manner, as he pursued the office of the presidency.

Bob Dole didn’t hedge his bets. While I disagreed with him on a lot of policy issues, that was a truly admirable abdication of personal power. He wasn’t in it for himself like… *ahem*… some people we could mention.

Let’s throw down the gauntlet:

Dear Kamala Harris,

If you truly believe with all of your heart that the 2020 election was a fair contest, and that Joe Biden is the President-Elect and you are the Vice President-Elect, resign from the US Senate immediately. Your political future is secure, right? For the good of the country, the US Senate, and the voters in your home state of California, do the honorable thing by resigning your seat.

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Shit or get off the pot.

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