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Title: Radical Egalitarians Go Eugenics
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Published: Nov 21, 2020
Author: Robert Weissberg
Post Date: 2020-11-21 08:55:28 by Ada
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Like the Energizer Bunny, radical egalitarians are a persistent bunch. They have long kidnapped Mother Nature and tried to torture her into transforming human nature, but being a tough old bird, she’s held steady. The latest egalitarian machinations can be seen in New York City where the quest is to equalize race-related academic achievement and, no doubt, Mother Nature will successfully resist. Nevertheless, this latest social engineering enterprise exposes what lies behind this seemingly benign “helping minorities.” Glib rhetoric aside; this latest venture is closer to ethnic cleansing than “school reform.”

The facts are simple. The city’s public schools with 1.1 million students is two-thirds black and Hispanic, highly segregated and almost without exception, black and Hispanic students perform poorly academically. Meanwhile, scholastically accomplished schools are disproportionately white and Asian, and are kept this way through state and local testing.

Much of the putative cure for alleged inequality is just a grab-bag of futile ideas that have long floated around the education reform literature, for example, making lessons more culturally relevant to under-privileged minorities such as having the watch the Broadway hit “Hamilton” featuring hip-hop music while Mayor de Blasio has long ranted against elite schools claiming that lots of super-smart blacks and Hispanics, kids he regularly personally encounters, just lack test-taking skills.

But new on this agenda, though hardly unpredictable, is today’s fashionable Great Satan: White Racism. Ayanna Behin, head of one of the city’s school districts put it, “Racism is foundational in all of our institutions, in our government, our economy, our health-care system, our legal system and our education system.” And Ayanna is hardly alone in her diagnosis.

Clearly, ridding America of racism is a huge undertaking, but how it is to be accomplished in the city’s schools? The city’s Department of Education has already spent $6 million in anti-bias training to expose how seemingly innocuous terms like “individualism” and “objectivity” promote “white supremacy.” But, such supposed remediations are all secondary to the most potent of all remedies, one that harkens back to the earliest days of the Civil Rights movement– mandatory racial integration. If we were to just mix the under-served with the privileged, black and Hispanic test scores would sky-rocket. There it is, at long last, the miracle cure.

When perusing this call for access to top schools, one can only be reminded of the state-owned department stores in the Soviet Union that were off-limits to regular Soviet citizens. Here top party officials and tourists with hard currencies could buy “luxury” consumer goods far beyond the reach of ordinary Russians. A similar reaction must be experienced by Hispanic and black parents staring into a middle school with their quiet, orderly classrooms, teachers explicating advanced subjects, all surrounded by un-vandalized computers, and not a cop in sight! Now, if only their offspring could gain entry, just as poor Ivan fantasized about sneaking into the GUM store on Red Square for a few forbidden delicacies.

At least superficially this latest egalitarian scheme just seems to be yet one more doomed-to-fail Utopian fantasy. But the darker reality is that forced racial integration will, absolutely guaranteed, push whites out of schools and given the options, the impetus of these parents to have children or an additional child, already low, will decline yet further. And since champions of forced racial integration surely know that this mixing does not work, its renewed advocacy must reflect aims other than uplifting struggling blacks and Hispanics.

Forced racial integration constitutes under-the-radar ethnic cleansing. Yes, hardly Balkan-style massacres or Soviet forced relocation of entire populations, but the end result is, together with a policy of unrestricted Third World immigration, the elimination or at least diminishment of smart whites and Asians. This is eradicating a people, not education reform.

Paradoxically, much of this cleansing is happily endorsed by its victims, liberal “good-think” whites, often for the noblest of reasons. Who can object to one’s children making friends with all these people of color? Can you imagine Serbs welcoming the Croatians arriving to kill or uproot them from their traditional land? This high-sounding but ultimately suicidal element no doubt helps to obscure the true nature of the cleansing.

Those unfamiliar with urban school politics seldom appreciate how the destruction of schools affects family life. Outside of low-cost Catholic and Jewish schools, and free or inexpensive charters that cater to poor blacks and Hispanics, the penalty of this forced exodus from public schools is huge. Woes to those remaining in dangerous “diverse” schools where teachers struggle to keep order and what smart parent will risk junior absorbing underclass values from classmates?

Escape from this disaster-in-waiting is not easy. New York City’s private schools might seem affordable—the average price in 2019/20 was a “mere” $18,000 but keep in mind that even for the cheapest options, the city’s sky-high taxes mean that a parent might have to earn an additional $25,000 to pay for junior’s private school.

But these costs soar if they are lucky enough to get junior into a more prestigious non-religious school. Here even a middling school such as Leman Academy charges $56,000, and this fee excludes room and board. At more elite schools such as Horace Mann and Trinity tuition likewise tops $55,000, and these sums do not include mandatory extras such as books, uniforms, class trips, transportation, and extra-curricular activities. But, the educational benefits are substantial: orderly classes with well-behaved classmates, dedicated teachers together with a menu of first-class academic options. Needless to say, many even middle-class whites and Asians cannot afford these $50,000+ bills, (about $800,000 for the entire K-12 experience) so eliminating the free public education path to an elite college is a heavy blow. Under these circumstances, at least some ambitious parents will rationally re-consider the very idea of a family.

Equally costly is to flee the city (“white flight”) for a suburb offering no-cost high-quality public schools. While tuition may be zero, high property taxes plus the premium for housing in a town notable for quality schools can easily exceed city elite private school tuition. Further add the expenses for commuting while these “free” schools also impose costly extra-curricular activity fees.

Nor does escape to rural America bring financial relief to education-minded parents. Yes, these public schools may be safe and have decent qualified teachers, but they usually lack the academic reputations and resources such as AP classes believed to be critical for admission to selective college. There are also long commutes so it may actually make better sense to pay $60,000+ for Horace Mann versus travelling 50 miles between Smallville and Gotham. And let’s not forget the life-style cost of plain vanilla venues where the best restaurant is Applebee’s and the local cultural highlight is Friday night high school football.

If dangerous public schools fail to lower the birthrate among high-IQ parents, just impose the old standby: crime, particularly “quality of life” crime. Every couple contemplating raising a family knows the story and über-liberals are no exceptions. For one, escaping crime invariably means choosing safe neighborhoods and buildings with 24-hour security, and while such costly prudence is optional for childless couples, it is far less so for those with children. And keep in mind that no safe urban neighborhood is permanently secure. Almost overnight egalitarian officials may decide to insert a crime-ridden low-income housing project or a homeless shelter. Further add hiring a nanny to ensure that one’s children are supervised in the local park overrun by junkies and panhandlers.

The safety of one’s children really does concentrate the mind, and this concentration extends well before conception. After all, smart would-be parents can see the consequences of procreation. They will surely recognize that radical anti-law and order proposals such as defunding the police or curtailing 911 calls, let alone tolerating homeless encampments and open drug use is an ideological form of birth control.

In sum, policies such as forced racial integration and crime-friendly policing are more than just bad liberal policies although they are certainly that. Such measures are a eugenic campaign that that will transform the US into a Third World nation via a selective declining birthrate. Conceivably, this neutering of home-grown smart people is also a recipe for importing a cognitive overclass that scarcely resembles those they are replacing. That is, if high-IQ natives don’t want children, get them off-the-shelf from foreign suppliers, particularly China or India.

Hard to say whether these eugenic policies are conscious or just a happy unarticulated dividend of the radical egalitarian agenda. I suspect, however, there is a strong intentional element—smart people are an obstacle to transforming America, and what better way to destroy the enemy than rendering them childless. Not unlike the nearly invisible slow march through the institutions. That today’s egalitarians become hysterical at the very mention of eugenics is, indeed, ironic but hard to imagine a more effective form of ethnic cleansing. Maybe Mother Nature will remain steadfast, but at least egalitarians can stop peoples’ natural urge to reproduce.

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#1. To: Ada (#0)

Cheaper to send your kids to Toronto suburbs or rural Iowa for a cheap public education. The local University school charges $6,000 a year for students from grades 2 thru 12.

The Truth of 911 Shall Set You Free From The Lie

Horse  posted on  2020-11-21   13:29:03 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: Horse (#1)

The cost of public school education is measured by the local tax rate. I know of a man who moved his family from NYC to Long Island to avoid the horrid public schools and avoid having to pay for private schools.

So he enrolled his children in the local school but found out the students had pink hair and smoked weed. So then he had to withdraw them and pay for private schools in addition to paying high Long Island taxes.

Ada  posted on  2020-11-21   14:05:40 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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