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Title: Bishops Of Austria: Submitting To Potentially Dangerous COVID Vaccines A ‘Christian Responsibility’
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Published: Nov 23, 2020
Author: CFT Team
Post Date: 2020-11-23 09:26:26 by NeoconsNailed
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In a statement released at the end of their autumn plenary assembly on Friday, the Austrian Bishops’ Conference said “Christian responsibility” should manifest itself during the coronavirus pandemic as “personal responsibility, consideration, and solidarity.”

“The willingness to be vaccinated is an expression of this attitude,” the bishops wrote.

“We are still in the midst of a pandemic with enormous personal, social and economic implications,” they continued. “There must be no lockdown of hearts and help.”

The bishops indicated that they believe recent news points “encouraging indications that there could be an effective and safe vaccination against the infection in the foreseeable future.”

On Monday, November 9, shortly after the U.S. elections, BioNTech and parent company Pfizer announced that they had developed a viable “vaccine candidate” against Covid-19.

Echoing a May statement by Pope Francis, the Austrian bishops said coronavirus vaccines should be made available worldwide at reasonable prices. They condemned any national hoarding of vaccines or economic interests interfering with its accessibility by the poor.

However, they also stated that there are those who should get first crack at the vaccine, that is, people whose professions bring them in constant contact with infected people or who are otherwise particularly vulnerable.

In the bishops’ statement, they also published their wishes, which they described as a “responsible contribution” regarding restrictions on Catholic worship in Austria. Going above and beyond the government’s own requirements, the Austrian bishops required Catholics to stand 1.5 metres (4 feet, 9 inches) apart at all church services, whether indoors or outdoors, and to wear masks. In addition, all baptisms, first communions, confirmations, and weddings will be postponed.

“With these restrictions, the bishops want to make a responsible contribution to overcoming the crisis,” they said in their statement.

“At the same time, this ensures that the essential basic practices of faith continue to be possible,” the bishops continued.

These same Austrian Catholic bishops support gay marriage which, like the “pandemic,” is another social mechanism to promote international bolshevism — the antithesis of Christianity.

As we previously reported, the Catholic Church is fully behind mass vaccination but allegedly only as long as the vaccines do not contain MRC-5 cell lines obtained from aborted human fetuses.....

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Poster Comment:

I have to laff at the RCC's stand 'for life' -- that last bit above. It's the supreme irony since they're telling you to let the 'Dr. Mengeles' of communism inject you with this hastily-assembled witch's brew as the next phase of the C19 hustle in which they have been gleeful protagonists.

Injectees will go into shock, get paralyed, blinded and/or sickened in 100 other ways if I'm a prophet. We know the goal is to kill as any goyim as they can, so mebbe it's designed to lower testosterone yet further -- mebbe whitey's sperm count.

The clergy are just shilling for jews who want to make a killing on this latest round of harming and fleecing the goyim. These 16 bitchups may very well be taking bribes and ptly jeew themselves.

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