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Title: Heroes True and False
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Published: Nov 26, 2020
Author: Laurence M. Vance
Post Date: 2020-11-26 09:38:37 by Ada
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There are true heroes and there are false heroes.

Beginning at Thanksgiving and continuing on to Christmas—and especially since the invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan by the U.S. military—we are inundated with stories in the media and during sporting events about the poor, lonesome U.S. soldiers who are missing their families during the holiday season because they are defending our freedoms in some remote part of the world where they have no business being.

Boo-hoo. Let me grab my handkerchief.

Levi’s Men&rsquo... Buy New $53.70 (as of 06:09 EST - Details) U.S. soldiers are all said to be heroes no matter what they do while they are in the military. Police are all heroes as well—even though they violate our civil liberties on a regular basis (see the heroic work of John Whitehead on this). First responders and firemen are all heroes too. With the advent of Covid-19, healthcare workers are all now heroes also. And teachers. What a joke that is. I was a teacher for twenty years on both the high school and college level. When not teaching an AP course in high school, I was just a glorified babysitter. The latest group of heroes are postal workers. I drove by a post office the other day and saw a banner reading “Heroes Work Here” on the front of the building.

All of the heroes I have mentioned have one thing in common: They all either work directly for the government or, in the case of healthcare workers, in an industry heavily subsidized and controlled by the government.

These are all false heroes.

The true heroes that you will encounter this holiday season are people like taxi drivers, Uber drivers, waiters, waitresses, hotel clerks and maids, garbagemen, convenience store workers, fast-food workers, airline pilots, ticket agents, truck drivers, pest control technicians, store clerks, shelf stockers, pizza delivery drivers, plumbers, cashiers, roofers, hospice workers, tech support providers, daycare workers, Christmas tree sellers, night-shift workers, and anyone who works at Waffle House.

If you don’t work for the government, then I am sorry if I forgot to mention you. Contigo AUTOSEAL West ... Best Price: $14.78 Buy New $26.99 (as of 06:09 EST - Details)

Normally I would mention ministers, but so many of them have swallowed the government’s coronavirus propaganda that I can no longer single them out as a group. Of those who have opened their churches (many have not), many have limited attendance, turned off water fountains, blocked off every other pew, encouraged social distancing, required the wearing of face masks, cancelled communion services and fellowship activities, and forbidden singing, hugging, and hand shaking. These useless ministers denounce CDC guidelines when it comes to sex education in schools, but blindly follow CDC guidelines when it comes to Covid-19. They have turned their churches into CDC churches.

If I had to single out one group of true heroes this holiday season, I would have to say that they are those employees who are forced to muzzle themselves with face masks throughout their shift and breathe in their own carbon dioxide, deprive their bodies of oxygen, and suffer skin problems and mask mouth. I don’t let anyone on my property with a mask on his face and I encourage waiters and waitresses to step close to my table when taking my order and pull their masks down. Most do so and breathe a sigh of relief.

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