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Title: SCANDALOUS: TV hosts ask boxer if it was racist to knock out black opponent
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Published: Dec 10, 2020
Author: Mark Hale
Post Date: 2020-12-10 09:15:30 by BTP Holdings
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SCANDALOUS: TV hosts ask boxer if it was racist to knock out black opponent

December 10, 2020 Mark Hale Latest News

Is a white person beating a minority in competitive sports racist?

Of course not, but the left is going there after a black former NBA player was knocked out cold in a recent boxing match by a white man who is generally known for being annoying online.

On Nov. 28, YouTube celebrity Jake Paul knocked out former New York Knicks point guard Nate Robinson in his second professional bout. The fight ended in the second round, and many people who have laughed at Paul over his celebrity status and antics weren’t laughing.

The devastating KO showed that the 23-year-old Paul is a serious fighter.

Paul walked away looking like Dolph Lundgren’s insufferable character, Ivan Drago, in 1985’s “Rocky IV.” Still, he was victorious.

After the fight, he challenged UFC champ Conor McGregor to a match and then signed up to fight boxing legend Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition bout.

Meanwhile, Robinson is now internet famous for being really bad at fighting.

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Poster Comment:

When we worked the concerts we had a saying, ""If in doubt, knock out."

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