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Title: Beware the New Alt-Right Media
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Published: Dec 30, 2020
Author: staff
Post Date: 2020-12-30 11:42:01 by Ada
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Let us examine the case of the Mainstream media anti-Trump rhetoric and preaching the values of the establishment that we can come to know as a fascist alliance of mega-corporations, bankers, and the deep-state.

Clearly, this position taken by the fore-mentioned has given rise to new media such as NTD, Epoch Times, OAN, and NewsMax as alternatives for those who are alienated by the mainstream establishment.

I would now like for us to examine exactly who these New Media players are, where they came from – and more importantly, what their agendas are.

NTD is also known as NTD TV, (New Tang Dynasty) and is an anti-Chinese Communist Party (CCP) platform created by the followers of Falun Dafa, a dooms-day cult founded by its spiritual leader. Li Hongzhi. NTD presents what appears to be pro-Trump and Conservative positive news stories while inserting human interest stories of Falun Dafa practitioners doing good deeds, remarkable healing powers, and praising the teacher and his teachings.

The sister publication to NTD is the Epoch Times, originally a Chinese language anti-CCP newspaper circulated in San Francisco and NY Chinatown has expanded to the English language to further promote its anti-CCP message and further the Holy Masters message to westerners.

As for the NTD/Epoch Times Holy Master goes, simple examination shows that the Master and the organization known as Falun Dafa is a full-blown hardcore cult, with a dooms-day belief and rather bizarre and peculiar religious beliefs that they call ‘Practices and exercise’ that are embodied through a set of five religious postures that the followers MUST perform each day.

Newsmax is quickly becoming the darling of the pro-Trump followers, and it seems to be preaching what they want to hear. However, who owns Newsmax? A simple search for Christopher Ruddy, the owner, and CEO of Newsmax, reveals him to be a Jewish Zionist and a large contributor to Trump’s campaign. Further searching reveals Christopher Ruddy attending many Jewish events that are sponsored by the Israel Zionist.

OAN – One America News Network (OANN), is founded by Robert Herring Sr. a printed-circuit-board multi-millionaire mogul, and is managed by his son Charles Herring. OAN is a pro-Trump network, and frequently flouts Christian Identity (CI) and Christian-Nationalism (CN) in its anchor news and specials.

Though these New Networks fill a void for many Americans caught in these unprecedented times, we should take a moment to examine these new networks and ask if they are really helping us, or if there is an alternate motive at work. I am not saying that these networks LIE or create FAKE NEWS that the establishment Mainstream media has done, rather to not embrace a network that we know nothing about – so beware and take caution. Don’t be fooled again!

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#1. To: Ada (#0) (Edited)

I am not saying that these networks LIE or create FAKE NEWS that the establishment Mainstream media has done

I don't think this warning is necessary for those watching the news outlets mentioned. The allegations of being Christian Identity and Christian Nationalism outlets is a back door slur without an ounce of validation. Racist claims are the resort of liars and tricksters. This author is a con man.

Trust but verify is good advice. Truth is key and we're not getting that from other news sources. Christian Identity is a religious choice that some people make that takes a critical look at Zionism's pitfalls and the idea that the U.S. not only accepts the fraud known as modern Israel, but supports it with military and financial aids.

Christian Nationalism might be able to correct the ship of State if those claiming to be Christians would begin to live accordingly. Living accordingly would require Christians to stop complying with the criminal government but instead reject all things that would cause them to violate their Christian values. Doing that would require them to stop financing murder (abortion) and wars to accommodate the military industrial complex. The Christians would have to reject the trans-bullshit, shared unisex restrooms, and the text books condoning it in public schools.

I'll embrace whatever network news agency that delivers the truth until they are proven untrustworthy. We need the truth now more than ever and we need to get fucking angry because the country some of us are old enough to recall had respect for INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS. All of us of have witnessed enough treason that we should have already risen up and castrated the communists attempting to rip our freedom out from under us.

Jo(k)e Buy'dem entry into the oval office is an act of war and should be treated as such !

"And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. "

noone222  posted on  2020-12-30   13:01:24 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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