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Title: Joe Diffie - Pickup Man (Official Music Video)
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Published: Feb 28, 2014
Author: JoeDiffieVEVO
Post Date: 2021-01-01 09:05:49 by BTP Holdings
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Poster Comment:

When I lived in Chicago in late 70s, this girl who lived across the street was turning 16. Her father got a permit from the City to close he street for a block party.

Myself and a few of the guys figured we would get a head start on it. We had the tailgate down on the Blazer and a case of beer.

A cop was up the street talking with the father of the girl. He told us later they were asking what we were doing. He told them we were just getting some stuff from my truck.

Just then a car went by slowly with two black guys in it.

One of the guys with me said, "Niggers! What are niggers doing around here?"

They heard it and backed up. Of course they were brave since the cops were up the street. One of them said, "Ain't no niggers here. We all gonna get busted together and go the 26th and California (Cook County Jail) where the brothers is at."

I said, "Later man."

One of them said, "Ain't gonna be later. It's gonna be now. We got something here that's gonna blow your shit away."

Meanwhile, the cops had backed up and left since it was one way street and they were going the wrong way.

I called their bluff and went in the house and grabbed the Mini-14 which had a full 30 round mag right inside the door. I chambered a round when I came out the door.

The neighbor had finished with the cops and had come over there. He told the black guys, "You know what the is going to get."

When they saw that, they floored it and blew the stop sign at the corner getting out of there. ROTFLMAO!

Of course I couldn't shoot since there were friendlies in the line of fire. And you cannot shoot when they are fleeing either.

I knew a guy who was a detective for the CPD. He told me, "If they said they had a gun, they probably did." ;)

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