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Title: The Role of the Israel Lobby in Jon Ossoff’s Ascendance
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Published: Jan 11, 2021
Post Date: 2021-01-11 07:39:53 by Ada
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Democratic Majority for Israel Facebook post congratulating “Senator- elect Jon Ossoff on your victory in Georgia! DMFI PAC was proud to support your candidacy, and we’re thrilled that the first Millennial in the Senate will be a strong pro-Israel Democrat.” The new US Senator from Georgia, a 33-year-old who received the most campaign donations for a Senate candidate in US history, began his political career in 2006 helping to defeat Georgia’s first Black woman to be elected to Congress. She had been targeted for removal by the Israel lobby…

Jon Ossoff, the 33-year-old Democrat who has just been elected U.S. Senator from Georgia, had relatively few credentials to win a major national position.

He had never held elective office at any level. His resume consists of a relatively low level staff position in Congress, conducting a run for Congress (which he lost), using some of the money he had inherited from his grandfather to become CEO of a London media company and then using this inherited money to finance its work (helped by a $350,000 infusion from Silicon Valley billionaire Pierre Omidyar).

He did, however, have some other attributes.

In an analysis of how Ossof got to where he is, the New York Times reports that Ossof “capitalized on his own well-off upbringing and a series of well-timed introductions and personal endorsements to rise through Democratic politics in Georgia.”

The first of those introductions was to a Black candidate for Congress named Hank Johnson. Ossoff worked in the campaign that won the relatively unknown Johnson his seat in Congress. Ossoff was then rewarded with a staff position, which opened the next door.

Ossoff parlayed this Congressional staff position into a 2017 run for Congress which he almost won despite being only 26 years old. One of the ways he did this was through inflating his Congressional position with Johnson and his alleged expertise and experience.

Ossoff claimed “five years of experience as a national security staffer in the U.S. Congress,” and announced that he “held top-secret security clearance.” Below are some of his ads emphasizing these claims:

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