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Title: As Democrats Prepare for Full Assault on 2nd Amendment, NRA Makes Bankruptcy Announcement
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Published: Jan 15, 2021
Author: Jack Davis
Post Date: 2021-01-16 07:00:18 by BTP Holdings
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As Democrats Prepare for Full Assault on 2nd Amendment, NRA Makes Bankruptcy Announcement

The National Riffle Association of America headquarters on August 6, 2020 in Fairfax, Virginia. (Olivier Douliery - AFP / Getty Images)

By Jack Davis

Published January 15, 2021 at 5:10pm

Amid major challenges to gun rights, the National Rifle Association says that a strategic retreat from New York state will allow it to preserve the Second Amendment rights of its members — and all Americans.

On Friday, the NRA filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, framing the action as a tactic to get out from under a lawsuit filed against the organization in August by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

The suit accused the NRA’s leadership of misconduct and said it violated New York laws governing nonprofits, according to Reuters.

“The NRA’s claimed financial status has finally met its moral status: bankrupt,” James said in a statement on Friday. “We will not allow the NRA to use this or any other tactic to evade accountability and my office’s oversight.”

NRA Chief Executive Wayne LaPierre explained the decision to file for bankruptcy in a letter posted on the NRA’s website.

LaPierre said the move was part of “a restructuring plan that positions us for the long-term and ensures our continued success as the nation’s leading advocate for constitutional freedom — free from the toxic political environment of New York.”

“The plan can be summed up quite simply: We are DUMPING New York, and we are pursuing plans to reincorporate the NRA in Texas,” he wrote.

The letter heaped scorn on New York leaders.

“We are leaving the state of an attorney general who, just a few months ago, vowed to put us out of business through an abuse of legal and regulatory power. In fact, the gross overreach of the New York Attorney General and New York Governor has been resoundingly criticized by powerful national groups like the ACLU and a host of prominent legal scholars,” LaPierre wrote.

“Under this plan, we seek protection from New York officials who illegally abused and weaponized the powers they wield against the NRA and its members. You can be assured the Association will continue the fight to protect your interests in New York — and all forums where the NRA is unlawfully singled out for its Second Amendment advocacy.”

Texas, he said, is a very different ballgame.

“Texas values the contributions of the NRA, celebrates our law- abiding members, and joins us as a partner in upholding constitutional freedom,” he wrote.

But LaPierre said making the leap will take some work.

“To facilitate the strategic plan and restructuring, the NRA and one of its subsidiaries have filed voluntary Chapter 11 petitions in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division,” he wrote.

LaPierre sought to put a positive spin on the filing by explaining that “Chapter 11 proceedings are often utilized by businesses, nonprofits and organizations of all kinds to streamline legal and financial affairs.”

He noted that a Chapter 11 reorganization under bankruptcy laws is very different from the common usage of the term “bankruptcy.”

“You know that our opponents will try to seize upon this news and distort the truth. Don’t believe what you read from our enemies. The NRA is not ‘bankrupt’ or ‘going out of business.’ The NRA is not insolvent. We are as financially strong as we have been in years,” he wrote.

In the letter, he said member benefits and NRA operations will not be changed.

At a time when Democrats control the House, Senate and White House, LaPierre said the NRA will be ready to respond to whatever President-elect Joe Biden and other anti-gun politicians try to do.

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Poster Comment:

The Dims have been for a very long time a thorn in the side of the 2nd a Amendment. Ant the likes of Pelosy, Schumer and Feistein are the head of the snake.

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We all know where this country is headed.

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