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Title: NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Makes Abrupt U-Turn on Lockdowns
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Published: Jan 18, 2021
Author: staff
Post Date: 2021-01-18 13:12:23 by BTP Holdings
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NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Makes Abrupt U-Turn on Lockdowns

Wait, lockdowns are bad for the economy now?! Who could have seen THAT coming?!

It’s almost as if all of the mask theater and efforts to completely destroy small businesses to protect everyone from a virus that has a 99.96% survival rate among healthy people under the age of 80 was just some sort of cheap political ploy to tank the economy and hurt Donald Trump during an election year. Well… if you are a wacky conspiracy theorist, you might think that!

Anyway, it turns out that the Emmy Award-winning Governor of New York — Fredo the Elder — has suddenly decided after 10 months of wrecking his state, that lockdowns are somehow a bad thing.

What’s with this guy? Doesn’t he follow Science?

Oh, wait… he does follow the Science. He lights a candle to Dr. Anthony Fauci every single night before he prays to the CDC. He even “wrote” a book (totally wrote it by himself) on his great leadership of New York throughout the pandemic. Chapter 1: Orange Man Bad.

The mass exodus out of New York City, thanks to the tag-team efforts of Governor Andrew Cuomo, aka Fredo the Elder, and NYC Mayor Bill “Pothead” DeBlasio, is like something we’ve never seen out of wartime in human history. Cities being shelled with artillery don’t empty out as fast as New York has, all thanks to Cuomo’s lockdown lunacy.

But now he’s changed his mind! Check out Tucker Carlson’s analysis of this sudden U-turn that Governor Fredo the Elder has made on the lockdowns that he’s championed for the past year…

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I'll bet Mario is spinning in his grave now.

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