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Title: Trust Yahweh’s Plan: How the QAnon Movement Preys on Bible Dupes
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Published: Jan 20, 2021
Author: Kyle
Post Date: 2021-01-20 19:10:30 by NeoconsNailed
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For years the QAnon movement has been telling all of their followers to blindly “trust the plan,” as the white hats have everything under control and will be draining the swamp real soon. Recently it has come to light just how similar the Q movement is to Operation Trust from the early Soviet Union.

However, there is a much earlier “Operation Trust” that many people have been overlooking, but which has perfectly conditioned people to trust Q’s plan.

The whole Q movement is religious in nature. It is based on signs, symbols, and prophecies. It demands people have faith that Q/Trump is in control and will set things right. You do not need to “lean on your own understanding” or even try to develop your own plan to take back control of America, but just wait and watch. Q works in mysterious ways, just like Trump and Yahweh.

People are very afraid these days. They could trust in their own abilities, in their families and communities, but instead they are told to trust Q and President Trump. It is not surprising that many of the Q-tards identify as Christians, who have been conditioned to trust in the Lord and sit back and wait for the Book of Revelations to unfold, where Jesus will ride in to save the day.

Anything that is not in line with Yahweh’s plan must be eliminated.

I like the military metaphor, as Q is supposedly a military operation.

The Q crowd also largely come from a patriotic, conservative background, where they are conditioned to trust in America.

Now that Q seems to have been proven wrong, and Trump has fallen from grace, rest assured that people will be going back to putting all of their trust in Yahweh and his son, the circumcised rabbi. I have seen a lot of this rhetoric in right-wing circles. On Gab Andrew “Torah” Torba constantly releases videos and memes constantly talking about how God is in control........

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Poster Comment:

Bitter medicine for those who just cannot face how bad the neocommie situation really is. I could have cried watching otherwise smart people lumbering around repeating 'he's going to jail -- 3D chess -- insurrection act' etc. There's so terribly much that people believe while knowing it's simply not so!

That's not my headline above -- am only the paster (and your pastor) ;-)

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