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Title: Federal Prosecutors are Attempting to Build a Massive Sedition Case Against All of MAGA
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Published: Jan 22, 2021
Author: Andrew Anglin
Post Date: 2021-01-22 09:12:12 by Ada
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You remember Joe Biggs. He used to work for Infowars.

He’s some manner of military veteran. I don’t remember which branch. He’s a good ol’ boy type. He left Infowars on relatively bad terms, if I recall correctly, because everyone leaves Infowars on relatively bad terms, presumably due to Alex Jones’ substance abuse issues and emotional instability.

Obviously, the “ranting emotionally unstable drunk” is part of Alex’s charm, but I’m sure it makes him difficult to work with. I’m old enough to remember when he broke up with Jeff Rense.

Alex is something of a broken man. A lot like Trump in a lot of ways, where there are these great positives that hold the reverse of the negatives. I’m always rooting for everyone who I don’t think is working directly for the feds and the Jews, even if they say stupid things I don’t like.

I don’t remember much of Biggs’ involvement with Proud Boys. I know I’ve seen him at various events with them, but I’d never realized the relationship was formal. But apparently, he was a “leader” in the organization, and is now (weeks later) being charged for his alleged involvement in the Capitol Storm.

Obviously, the feds are preparing to release conspiracy charges against the Proud Boys, as they did with the Oath Keepers. The way it works is that they build up the charges against individuals, which they are doing now with all of the main figures in the Proud Boys, and then they connect it all together.

It’s exactly like this:

Obviously, given modern technology, all of these charges could just be dumped on everyone at the same time. They could have run everyone through a facial recognition scanner, and had them all arrested and charged by sundown. So basically, the media is working with the FBI to create this narrative.

Hopefully, the end game is not going to be everyone in the MAGA movement being charged as part of a RICO-style sedition case. I’m sure that is the goal of every single federal prosecutor in the country, but like most things, it is primarily dependent on the media.


A leader of the Proud Boys, an extremist group that took part in the US Capitol insurrection, was taken into custody and is facing charges, federal officials said.

Joseph Randall Biggs, 37, of Florida was arrested Wednesday and is facing three counts — obstruction of a proceeding, entering restricted grounds and disorderly conduct — for his part in the siege of the Capitol on January 6, according to the Justice Department and an FBI affidavit. The FBI described Biggs in the affidavit as an organizer for the Proud Boys.

Biggs appeared in court in Orlando on Wednesday and was released under home confinement and other restrictions, according to his court file. A lawyer who represented him in court did not respond to a request for comment.

CNN Orlando affiliate WESH asked Biggs about insurrection allegations against the Proud Boys and he said, “That’ll be discussed in court.”

Ahead of the Capitol riot, Biggs posted messages on Parler, the social media platform favored by the far right, telling his followers to blend in and not wear identifiable clothing, an FBI special agent wrote in the affidavit. “The only thing we’ll do that’s us is think like us! Jan 6th is gonna be epic,” Biggs wrote, according to the affidavit. The document says Biggs was also directing his statements at Antifa.

Authorities say Biggs said, “This is awesome!” on livestreamed footage of rioters entering the Capitol building, according to the affidavit.

The individual charges don’t mean very much. These same three charges listed are being brought against everyone who they’ve decided to arrest for entering the Capitol, and I doubt that most of them will even be given jail time.

However, the name of the game right now is creating a culture of pure paranoia. That is why the FBI and the media asked for “help” identifying people who “attempted an insurrection” at the Capitol. Again, any of them that weren’t wearing masks could have been identified in a matter of seconds using biometric data that is registered when you take the photo for your driver’s license and is put on steroids by the Facebook algorithm, which the FBI has full access to. Probably, even if you were wearing a mask, they could identify you this way.

Reuters announced almost a year ago that China was claiming to be able to identify people wearing masks using biometrics from the uncovered part of the face. And obviously, Chinese people’s eyes and general facial characteristics are much more similar to one another than those of European people. Also obviously, if the Chinese have this technology, so do the US intelligence services.

But of course, the media and the FBI were releasing clear photos of people’s faces and saying “do you know who this is???”

With Jake Angeli, they could have just Googled “QAnon fur hat horns” and found his identity. But instead they released a description asking for citizens to report him.

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