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Title: Bravo David Knight! Ringing denunciations of Trump et al; John MacArthur church
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Published: Jan 22, 2021
Author: The David Knight Show
Post Date: 2021-01-22 10:46:40 by NeoconsNailed
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In his final speech, Trump talked extensively about what he sees as his greatest accomplishment — OperationWarpSpeed. But a NYC Rabbi and a Los Angeles Pastor have a different view of the injection and the lockdown.

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Poster Comment:

That is fantastic. He's always been great but is really letting them have it here.

We'd heard that Christian radio motormouth John MacArthur's church was standing up to the the Covid tyranny, but wait till you hear the full ordeal and triumph. This is in California, the helly belly of the beast.

Knight's last subject is a church in Chicago put through the meat grinder by Empress Governess Pritzker and friends -- even Fox News. Our page category here is yet again Israel/Zionism because the Covid hoax is JEW from start to finish and the jew Pritzker family have been plaguing politics for decades.

Take the jews and their machinations out of our present situation and we're suddenly back in 1955. Since all of Bidet's appointees so far are jews and most dual citizens with Izrul, maybe more of you are 'seeing a jew behind every bush'. Anybody not seeing the jews' eternal war against Christianity on Knight's subjects here may need their spectacles updated.

I don't him mentioning any rabbi? Been multitasking like usual.

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