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Title: Momentous, prescient Aldous Huxley interview (Mike Wallace)
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Published: Jan 22, 2021
Author: "Mike Wallace"
Post Date: 2021-01-22 21:29:38 by NeoconsNailed
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Aldous Huxley shares his visions and fears for this brave new world.

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Poster Comment:

This is a revelation to me. The whole time kids were writing book reports on AH's Brave New World in junior and high school, I didn't know what to think -- horrible scorching satire? Some old bloodless Englishman's idea of how the future *should* be? Never read it myself or wanted to.

Turns out this whole time it (exactly like Orwell's 1984, but different) was a warning of where things were headed even in 1931 when AH wrote it. Yes -- IT'S WHAT WE'RE GOING THROUGH.

Mr. Wallechinsky does a very capable job for the 1950s. At the end where you think he's going to say something politely dismissive in summary it's actually perfect.

The soft-spoken Huxley says not a word out of line. He's entirely sensible and thoughtful, not a trace of pomp, pretense or any 'ism'. He's just simple and real.

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