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Published: Jan 22, 2021
Author: admin
Post Date: 2021-01-25 09:36:37 by BTP Holdings
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by admin

January 22, 2021

The fake news media actively participated in marketing Joe Biden as a working-class guy who fights for average citizens because he knows your pain. But the real Joe Biden bears little resemblance to the advertising mark-ups broadcast by the likes of CNN or printed by left-wing activists at the New York Times.

The real Joe Biden is a guy who has never had to sustain a living in the private sector. He makes deals with whichever devil’s policies are trending and appears to believe there is “nothing wrong” with the corruption he and close family members have engaged in to makes themselves rich.

Rather than follow the paint-by-numbers narratives used by establishment media outlets and Washington, D.C., elites, these are true facts about Joe Biden you might otherwise not know.

The 46th president of the United States was not considered a hard- working student in grade school or college. He played sports and became high school class president due to popularity, not achievement. As an undergraduate in college, he earned a bachelor’s degree in arts and gained entrance to the Syracuse University of Law. In Syracuse, he got busted for plagiarism but managed to still receive his law degree. He reportedly finished with a pathetic law school ranking of 76 out of 85 classmates.

Plenty of lawyers put out a shingle and open a practice after passing the bar. Biden sidestepped the rigors of small business or working for a private-sector firm by taking a job paid for through taxpayer money. He became a public defender and enjoyed a stable salary and state-level healthcare benefits from day one.

Joe Biden has never rolled up his sleeves in the sometimes uncertain private-sector or had to pay for his own health insurance. The one exception is when he briefly took a job at a local law firm immersed in politics. He used that post as a jumping-off point to launch a career in politics.

After only about a year of working for a political law firm, Biden wins the 4th District Seat on the New Castle County Council by running on a liberal platform. During his stint in state politics, he tried to prevent infrastructure projects that would have delivered good-paying blue-collar jobs to communities. In 1972, he campaigns and wins a Delaware U.S. Senate race running on the anti- Vietnam War and environmental crisis narratives that were in vogue at the time. He spends his entire career, from 1973 until today, as a Washington insider and proponent of Swamp politics.

Although the left-wing media has worked tirelessly to create a storyline that Joe Biden is the antithesis of President Donald Trump — in a good way — nothing could be further from the truth.

During his 36 years in the U.S. Senate, his legislative victories include the so-called “super predator” laws that disproportionately imprison African-Americans. President Trump rolled back the federals law and commuted the sentences of many who were unfairly treated. Joe Biden fought against desegregation policies while double-talking civil rights at political functions. Each step of the way, Biden did and said whatever was trending among voters to keep his place in office and never have to earn a living off the taxpayer dole.

As Obama’s number two, Biden pushed the Affordable Care Act that caused healthcare premiums to escalate and leveled an IRS-driven fine on anyone who refused it.

During those eight years, Biden’s family members secured no-interest government loans to open businesses in other countries. His son Hunter’s corruption payoffs from China, Ukraine, and a Russian billionaire have been well-documented. When Joe Biden says his son and other family members “did nothing wrong,” he could probably pass a polygraph. The things that would land ordinary Americans in jail are just the way Washington elites do business. He appears to believe he and his family are above the law.

Joe Biden already signed executive orders to scuttle projects that would create thousands of good-paying jobs and flood the country with cheap foreign labor to undermine blue-collar families. These things are popular among liberals and corporations that turn higher profits on cheap labor.

The 46th president has never had to struggle, decide which bills to pay at the end of the month, or face a layoff. Your taxes guarantee his salary and health care for the remainder of his life. Joe Biden is no man of the people.

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