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Title: Man, two teens killed in a crash on I-44 near Mt. Vernon, Mo.
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Published: Jan 26, 2021
Author: Christopher Replogle
Post Date: 2021-01-26 10:22:01 by BTP Holdings
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Man, two teens killed in a crash on I-44 near Mt. Vernon, Mo.

Christopher Replogle | January 25, 2021

Springfield (MO) KYTV logoMan, two teens killed in a crash on I-44 near Mt. Vernon, Mo.

MT. VERNON, Mo. (KY3) -The Missouri State Highway Patrol says a head-on crash on I-44 killed a man and two teenagers Sunday night.

a sign on a pole: KY3© Provided by Springfield (MO) KYTV KY3 The patrol says Evert Hair, 85, of Billings was eastbound in the westbound lanes when his pickup hit a car just after 9 p.m.

MSHP Troop D spokesperson Sam Carpenter said it appeared Hair left from a rest stop and accidentally went the wrong way.

Carpenter said this situation is fairly uncommon.

“It happens occasionally, but when it does happen, most people realize fairly quickly and get turned around,” Carpenter said. “We don’t have a lot of instances where people just continue to drive or we have a crash.”

Hair, and a driver and a passenger in the car, Izik Fudge, 17, and Nevaeh Aust, 17, both of Mt. Vernon, were killed in the crash.

Carpenter said in these instances, there is only so much a driver can do.

“Things happen really quickly,” he said. “There is no clear cut, definitive this is what you do when that happens. You know it was an unfortunate event, it was a horrible event.”

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Poster Comment:

When I was driving big truck out of Springfield, I was rolling west in this same area during the day time. It is hilly area. I picked up a broadcast on CB there was a car going the wrong way in westbound lanes. He was pretty close. A car behind me pulled out to pass. Just then that guy going the wrong way popped over the top of the next hill. I'll tell you what, the guy who pulled out to pass backed off real quick and got behind me. When he finally passed me, I tooted the horn as if to say, "I knew that guy was coming." ;)

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#1. To: BTP Holdings (#0)

Covid deaths.

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Covid deaths.

It seems as though everything is lumped into one category now. :-/

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