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Title: Now we know why Trump didn't move to Gab or Parler
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Published: Jan 26, 2021
Author: Irish Savant
Post Date: 2021-01-26 10:24:56 by Ada
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Following on from the previous post I see that one mystery at least has been answered. Most of us have been baffled by Trump's ongoing refusal, despite endless attacks on Social Media censorship, to move to the uncensored Gab and Parler. It was inexplicable to me as it would have killed two birds with the one stone: Giving the President freedom to express himself and giving the free speech platforms an enormous boost with millions of additional users.

Inexplicable? Not any more.

On January 13th Bloomberg claimed that slimeball Israeli-firster Jared Kushner “stopped an effort to sign up the President on fringe social media platforms such as Gab and Parler after Twitter suspended his account last week, according to three people familiar with the matter.” This was quickly confirmed by Gab officials. "You don’t have to believe Bloomberg. Believe us. Jared Kushner is blocking the President from joining Gab and speaking to the world online. Fact." — (@getongab). And shortly afterwards "We can confirm this reporting. If you want the President on Gab, bring it up with Jared Kushner. We are ready to give the President his voice back when he is. Jared is a mess. Sad!" — (@getongab)

That's not all. In an interview with Jared Taylor on Amren Gab's former Chief Operating Officer (a based Indian named Utsav Sanduja) revealed that Gab had made numerous attempts using multiple different angles to convince Trump to move. They pointed out that he could still have kept his Twitter accounts. But every time it was blocked by Kushner after it reached the top of the chain. He said that Kushner told White House staff that 'we can't allow' Trump onto alternative platforms'. [My emphasis] Crazy excuses were given to Gab including their 'absence of apps' and a fear that 'Gab and Parler couldn't handle the ensuing growth in traffic'. Yeah, right.

Sanduja went on to claim - and you could sense old Jared shifting uneasily in his chair at this - that Kushner has 'his own agenda', one that did not match that of the President's base. "Mr. Kushner has his own agenda. When an Embassy has to be moved to Jerusalem it can be done. But opening a Gab or Parler account proves impossible". Ouch! And it makes perfect sense because an uncensored SM platform for Traditional Americans would be anathema to this treacherous Chabad Lubivicher snake who for a while shared a bedroom with Bibi Netanyahu. Bear in mind that the Lubivichers live by the Noahide Laws which are based on the Jewish Messiah returning and making the goyim slaves of the Jews. At least those who won't have been exterminated. Great idea putting one of them at the right hand of a President committed to make America great again. But there's precedent aplenty for this with Wilson and Roosevelt lead around by the nose by the likes of Baruch and Morgenthau into wars against enemies of the Jews.

But where was Trump in all of this? Did it not cross his mind to consider such a move? Surely be to God it cannot be the case that Kushner forbade him to do it? If so what does that say about Trump? In any event this development underlines my contention that Trump's campaign promises were dead-on-arrival with Kushner exercising this degree of control. And it's why any proposed alternative to the GOP should not become the Trump Party.

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