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Title: Trump the extreme anti-white bigot -- 3 min absolute proof
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Published: Jan 28, 2021
Author: Elder
Post Date: 2021-01-28 14:05:27 by NeoconsNailed
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In a recent episode called ‘What Exactly Are White People Superior At?’ Cari and Jemele use their platform to bash Trump supporters for their political views and accuse them of voting for racism and bigotry. Can you imagine a couple of white conservative hosts saying, “What exactly are Black people superior at?” Oh, the irony of liberal bigotry.

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Poster Comment:

"What makes him anti-white?" "C'mon, he's only condemning RACIST!"* Those are the tho'ts that may come to your mind. But you see what he's really denouncing with these trigger words (Duke's name included) is any white people who are sick of being pounded to a pulp as such by 'anti-racist' media, govt, academe, govt and all other institutions -- notably the few, the brave caucasians willing to speak up or fight back in some fashion, however weakly.

ALL HE HAD TO SAY was "I don't agree with racism but I'll take any support I can get. If a yellow dog wants to vote for me that's fine" -- and maybe start taking issue with the questioners' obvious bone-headedness and warped priorities. There's nothing gliberals can do if you make it short, polite and firm.

"White supremacist"* is gliberal-speak for 'un-brainwashed whites', e.g. most Trump voters. By blithering all that hate against them he also patterned the clueless and gutless in hating pro-white activists and spokesmen too. I can tell you one thing, David Duke has more integrity in his toenail clippings than Trump's JEWISH-SUPREMACIST pals do in their entire beings.

I'll grant you that this is only one side of him. Often he denounced the whites' oppressors and genocidists, at least at first, wrecking the seamless curtain of unanimous self-worship and communist propaganda they'd spent years building up. But it's a side we simply can't have. It may have tipped the election just enough against him in addition to the blatant fraud perpetrated.

The endgame is definitive, and Trump's was to condemn the 1/6 Capitol visitors, pardon all those vile Jews and leave Assange to rot to pieces in Belmarsh. What are PDT's real feelings about white people -- do you dare ask yourselves that? Perhaps his baby girl and her playmate have him convinced we're evil to the core.


*The wrong singular is deliberate in solidarity with the many patriots who think an S isn't needed to form a plural if there's another one nearby.

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