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Title: Letís dump the Nobel Peace Prize. With a roll call of winners featuring terrorists and warmongers, itís lost all its credibility
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Published: Feb 2, 2021
Author: Mike Rivero
Post Date: 2021-02-02 19:19:47 by Horse
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This year’s full list of nominations, which closed just yesterday, has not been confirmed. But bookmakers seems to think it includes such luminaries as grumpy teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg, that old fella off the BBC nature shows David Attenborough, ex-US President Donald Trump as well as his gopher son-in-law Jared Kushner, Princess of Woke Meghan Markle, Covid-19 survivor Boris Johnson, Turkish hardman President Recep Tayip Erdogan, the World Health Organization and in case you missed the overarching political correctness of the whole show, the Black Lives Matter movement.

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#1. To: Horse (#0)

My money is on Xi Jinping for his educational outreach programs for disenfranchised Uighurs.

“I am not one of those weak-spirited, sappy Americans who want to be liked by all the people around them. I don’t care if people hate my guts; I assume most of them do. The important question is whether they are in a position to do anything about it. My affections, being concentrated over a few people, are not spread all over Hell in a vile attempt to placate sulky, worthless shits.” - William S Burroughs

Dakmar  posted on  2021-02-02   19:26:18 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: Dakmar, 4um (#1)

My money is on Xi Jinping for his educational outreach programs for disenfranchised Uighurs.

I'd short that but insider trading is illegal for me.

The light that burns twice as bright, burns half as long. - Dr. Eldon Tyrell

Godfrey Smith: Mike, I wouldn't worry. Prosperity is just around the corner.
Mike Flaherty: Yeah, it's been there a long time. I wish I knew which corner.
My Man Godfrey (1936)

Esso  posted on  2021-02-02   19:28:51 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#3. To: Horse (#0)

Let’s dump the Nobel Peace Prize.

Unless Wilson is on Den norske Nobelkomité, he has no business saying "let US" dump the prize. He ain't in the club, and I'll bet you nine to nothin' that when the Nobel Committee members say "we" or "us" they're not including Wilson.

StraitGate  posted on  2021-02-02   21:28:44 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#4. To: Horse (#0)

These have become a TOTAL joke and a sham.

Darkwing  posted on  2021-02-03   8:36:51 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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