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Title: It's a weekday morning. TURN ON THE RICK DRIVER PROGRAM
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Published: Feb 15, 2021
Author: Driver
Post Date: 2021-02-15 07:30:00 by NeoconsNailed
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From the text of my Activist Tour of Anderson guide:

WAIM radio station, 2203 Old Williamson Rd. Rick Driver is literally one broadcaster in a million. For something like 30 years his eponymous weekday call-in show has exposed evil doings at all levels of politics and much, much more. It has been an incalculable boon to the community, making him virtually a paterfamilias to it. Totally uncensored and unscreened, the show covers almost any subject imaginable with humor, insight and (no small thanks to the callers) a refreshing down-home Southern feeling. Always working with a remarkable mix of dignity, discretion and grace, Driver has held community meetings (some styled Lunch With Rick) for the airing of community concerns with local politicians participating. Catch the show Monday through Friday from 7:05 to 10 AM. Rick and the gang are healthily skeptical toward the Covid power grab and national Covid psychosis.

Yes, the content is somewhat local but that's half the fun -- local color and all that good stuff. Rick welcome's YOUR call while listening to the show, but turn off your radio before dialing 864-225-1230, and just be civil already. As I write he's playing back where Michael Vanderveen or some other witness is setting Trump's inquisitors straight during his 'trial'.

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