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Title: Earth Cooling Dramatically
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Published: Feb 19, 2021
Author: Dr. Mark Sircus
Post Date: 2021-02-19 10:03:26 by Ada
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Winter storms are wreaking havoc in central and southern States. The climate news has turned catastrophic. People are angry; however, the federal government is too busy with its delusional psychosis over global warming and the COVID pandemic.

People don’t realize how bad and multifaceted the situation is. We have full-scale blackouts in Mexico, millions of Americans still in the dark with no power and heat, and the biggest outage in American oil and gas history. A loss on this scale is already generating an energy crisis, meaning each and everyone one of us will be paying more for energy.

The death count is climbing, with 20 deaths now reported, and the count is not over yet, and all scientists can say is that global warming caused by humans is partly responsible for making the cold longer and more frequent; that is what the press says, and we are supposed to believe every word of it. Buy New $349.00 ($349.00 / Count) (as of 02:08 EST - Details)

Obviously, global warming cannot be responsible for so much cold, but for the brain compromised, anything is possible. Of course, climate change is real; it is only man-made global warming, which is the world’s biggest scam in man’s history is not. The real story of climate change has to do with the sun and its fluctuations and the reality that we are in for a few decades of cooling temperatures on Earth.

Thousands of low-temperature records have fallen across North America during these past few days alone, with record snowfall accompanying the cold, driving the continent’s snow cover extent to unprecedented levels. Through December 2020 and January 2021, the UAH Satellite-Based Temperature of the Global Lower Atmosphere revealed that the Earth cooled dramatically and has now dropped below the 1979 through 2000 average.

The massive winter storm that buried much of the United States in snow this week, bringing record-setting cold across the plains and knocking out the power grid in Texas, is not inconsistent with climate change, according to Noah Diffenbaugh, an expert climate scientist at Stanford University. He is correct if he was talking about cold climate change.

Bill Gates, the pretend climatologist and expert on CO2 and medicine, is the man most responsible (along with Dr. Fauci) for pushing a massive delusional psychosis onto the human race, not only about COVID but about CO2, the most necessary gas for life on Earth.

You would think someone in the government would say something useful like warning the public about the signs and symptoms of hypothermia. But the press is too busy covering their backsides about global warming. In today’s world, it is impossible for anyone to admit they are wrong, so as we move into the beginning of dangerous ice-age conditions, all we will hear about is how hot it has been these last few years. Meanwhile, in Texas, after days of little or no energy food, and water shortages have developed with people burning their fences and children’s toys to stay warm.

Big Victims of the Big Lie

Texas was warned a decade ago that its power grid was unready for the cold. But since the propaganda of global warming fooled almost everyone, no one seemed to take the reality of global cooling seriously. Bottom line: The Texas grid got crushed because its operators didn’t see the need to prepare for cold weather, and everyone will pay the price. And, of course, some people will die for it, and probably many people will get sick from fighting with hypothermia. Best Price: $23.74 Buy New $24.99 (as of 02:08 EST - Details)

“We have a nuclear power plant offline because of a frozen pump, we have coal plants offline because of frozen equipment or frozen coal piles, we have some wind turbines offline because of ice on the blades, we have some solar panels offline because of snow on the panels, but the most spectacular failing is really in the natural gas system where we have over 20 gigawatts of natural gas power plants that aren’t on, that we would like to be on and should be on, but they can’t get the gas they need, or their equipment is frozen,” said Professor Michael Webber, chief science officer at the University of Texas in Austin. The keywords here are frozen, not melted, as some climate fanatics who are suffering from psychosis wished it would be.

This week’s disruptive Arctic freeze isn’t just confined to North America –where this past Monday, a staggering 79% of the U.S. was below freezing. The cold is engulfing a large portion of the northern hemisphere, including central and eastern Europe, Northern and Western Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East, where snow is falling even in Lybia.

Catastrophic Climate News

The above text is an update of the below, published 60 hours earlier on my Cold Climate Change website.

The historic Arctic front crippling Texas’s power system, sending energy prices soaring to record levels, is intensifying. The climate crisis is finally hitting where it hurts, and every one of us is going to pay for it. “It is a pretty brutal air mass,” said Bob Oravec, senior branch forecaster at the U.S. Weather Prediction Center, and it is creating a brutal situation on the ground.

As Texas deploys its National Guard, ‘Grid Chaos’ is leaving millions freezing in darkness. The energy crisis continues to spread, with nearly 5 million people across the U.S plunged into darkness as authorities are fighting to avoid a total collapse of the grid.

Homes and businesses from North Dakota to Texas are losing power in the middle of an unprecedented deep freeze with broken daily temperature records in hundreds if not thousands of places. The blackouts are likely to continue throughout Tuesday with no firm end in sight as the cold weather is forecast to remain through Wednesday and beyond. Between now and March, only a few days of relief are promised. Buy New $230.00 ($230.00 / Count) (as of 02:08 EST - Details)

“The situation is critical,” said Neil Chatterjee, a member of the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The Climate crisis has turned into catastrophic climate news not only for the continued freeze in natural gas distribution but for the explosion in electricity prices, which could see many customers see a February electricity bill in the thousands, if not tens of thousands. And now reports of oil refineries shutting down are coming in, pushing oil prices higher. This is going to be a costly climate event.

Gas processing plants across Texas are shutting as liquids freeze inside pipes, disrupting output just as demand for the heating fuel jumps. Prices have surged more than 4,000% in two days in Oklahoma.

The Texas grid failure is quickly morphing into a public health crisis as millions freeze with temperatures near zero. Rolling power outages are in effect as some of the coldest air ever is continuing to pour into the central U.S. The crisis is even spreading into Mexico.

It is sad to say that some people may freeze to death amid this ‘perfect storm’ of freezing temps and no supply of power to provide heat.

“The cold air is entrenched across the middle part of the country. High temperatures are amazingly cold, some 50 degrees below average.” That’s probably because global warming was always a scam championed by idiotic, naïve, or corrupt politicians who never took a science course, a description that covers the vast majority of them. When the cold clears and we find dead, frozen bodies, I wonder what we should do to people, organizations, and political leaders who insist this was all due to man- made global warming.

Best Price: $21.79 Buy New $22.94 (as of 02:08 EST - Details)

The coldest spot in the U.S. was 25 miles east of Ely, Minnesota, where readings fell to -50 degrees Fahrenheit. As of 7 a.m. New York time, 2,653 flights around the U.S. through Monday had been canceled, the majority in Dallas and Houston.

The National Weather Service (NOAA) said, “Over 150 million Americans are currently under Winter Storm Warnings, Ice Storm Warnings, Winter Storm Watches, or Winter Weather Advisories as impactful winter weather continues from coast-to-coast. When all of Texas, almost all of Louisiana, and nearly all of Mississippi are under winter storm warnings, it is cooling, not global warming, that is winning the race to climate reality.

It is now Tuesday morning, and frigid air continues to pour into the central U.S., overwhelming power grids forcing operators to implement rolling blackouts. Climate history is being made, and it’s a sad, if not pathetic, story as many still insist the world will perish from too much heat.

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#1. To: Ada (#0)

It is just a cold spell with snow up to 14" deep for a few days in Texarkana, Texas. It first snowed Monday night and again on Wednesday and now it is Friday and the snow is still up to 6" in places. However, Tuesday, after a week, it will be sunny and in the low 60s and rising and if there is any snow remaining, it will not last at those temperatures.

Although there hasn't been l this much snow and cold in Texarkana during the last 15 years it will only last a week. No big deal. Certainly, it is not like the Little Ice Age. Nevertheless, it wouldn't surprise me if this is the start of another Little Ice Age.

Of course, this 12,000 year long intergalactic warm period is due to end and, when it does, earth will return to its Ice Age. Then the human population will drop by billions of people.

DWornock  posted on  2021-02-19   14:31:28 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: Ada (#0)

Old Cliff knows the skinny -

sonny  posted on  2021-02-19   18:02:41 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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