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Title: America’s Incel Prophets
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Published: Feb 21, 2021
Author: JT
Post Date: 2021-02-21 09:30:18 by Ada
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The Unz Review has replaced the Nitwit Times as America’s Newspaper of Record. As the thinking man’s publication. Where the intellectually curious come to consume the outpourings of the audacious and eloquent about issues that matter the most and are most twisted by the mainstream gatekeepers.

Its eponymous founder appears a passionate archivist, collecting and then rendering public the politically incorrect periodicals of the past. Were he also a passionate activist and organizer, the Unz publication would have become what all publications of its caliber inevitably become, a source of political revolution.

For the Bolsheviks it was the Novyi Mir published in New York in 1916, with contributions from Trotsky, Gorky, and Lenin, that helped the Czar meet his end. In the year 2000, a clique of Commentary magazine hacks came to rule the political roost under the “neocon” moniker.

The Unz Review boasts Buchanan, Atzmon, Cockburn, Shamir, Mercer, L. Dinh, C.J Hopkins, PC Roberts, Cook, Escobar, Giraldi. Collectively their insight is astonishing, individually they are syndicated only on alternative circuits. As a movement, they have no impact in the real world, but even digitally, no echo beyond the bounds of loyal readers. The insights found on the Unz Review resonate largely in the glial cells of erudites to the right-of-center while even mainstream conservatives who have mastered the internet’s patchwork of ideological ghettos are immured in a binary silo. The ultimate prize, the link between action and lecture is a left-of-center monopoly.

The closest anyone’s come to breaking this mould is a trifecta of brash, head-strong, ignorant, inchoate and young outsiders – Andrew Anglin, Adam Green, Nicholas Fuentes.

Together with Andrew Auernheimer, Anglin’s DailyStormer was the first publication with a significant online readership to be subject to massive cyberwar and to have emerged unscathed, alive and kicking. The first to have made a dent in the noosphere of their generation by translating online trolling into – however limited- real world activism.

By what dint, by what sleight-of-hand – was it Aurnheimer’s FBI rep- sheet and louche work in Neo-Zio-Nazi Ukraine or Andrew Anglin’s network of resourceful co-editors- they managed to survive a full-blown de- platforming dwarfing that to which Trump was subject to following January 6th, remains a mystery.

Unlike the Trumpkin purge, in 2017 the DailyStormer was blocked by internet providers throughout the world. It was subject to a coordinated attack from the ADL, SPLC, GAFA, and Trump’s DOJ (FBI). The site moved from domain to domain, tapped into the State Department sponsored Tor browser, Russia’s VK, kept a life-line on Gab (from which Aurnheimer was removed after what Torba interpreted as a provocation or incitement), dozens of phony accounts on Twitter, and a separate website to update users of its whereabouts. Andrew Anglin began to wax about his personal life on a personal blog, revealing the disconnect between his life in Africa and Asia and his political views. His family in California was doxed brutally, harassed, brutally.

Anglin’s content resembled that of sites which were contemporary to the DailyStormer (or from which it may have plagiarized or been inspired) but lacked the Stormer’s flair and meme bombing abilities. Indebted in its spirit to Auernheimer’s pranks, the comedy of Sam Hyde, and the parodist DailyShoa, the DailyStormer was never convincingly Neo-Nazi, bearing no resemblance to the FBI-run StormFront from which the word “Storm” was borrowed.

With time, and under intense international pressure, Andrew Anglin’s work went from mere provocation, to a vertically integrated factory of online warfare, churning out concept and image to mount a systematic challenge to America’s newspeak and doublethink. What it lacked in respectability it made up in influence, and Andrew Anglin’s initial objective, to transform a generation’s political symbolism, met with success.

Without passing judgment, the content of Anglin’s philosophy is not merely to moan about the collapse of freedom of expression in the West, but to mount a direct challenge to it; resulting in a perfect mirror- image of everything the New York Times and America’s moribund White middle class culture embodies.

To reduce Anglin’s work to mere hatred, to showmanship, to attention- whoring, is to suffer from a turgid form of humorlessness. To take at face value the DailyStormer’s professed political stance is to misunderstand the nature of the digital world. Without the DailyStormer, its surprisingly effective outreach to Zoomers and Millenials alike, there would be no Adam Green, no “Know More News.”

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