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Title: Judaism: The Religion of World Domination | Banned French Documentary
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Published: Feb 22, 2021
Author: anonyme
Post Date: 2021-02-22 13:17:14 by NeoconsNailed
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Poster Comment:

Just people talking, many of them supremacist rabbi(d)s -- but it's devastating. David Duke is heard and the great Alain Soral, a frequent prisoner of conscience, is interviewed wearing a "GOY" shirt >;-) arrested-and-his-ally-dieudonne-banned-from-facebook

Note that you're watching in an apparently uncensored site Know More News and the link just below the screen, 'Watch on BrandNewTube'!

The real stuff is still out there if you know how to dig for it.... Just think, an entire religion and ethnicity based on literally paranoid hatred and resentment of the 'other', which works by manufacturing sympathy for the 'other' worldwide -- themselves, 'immigrants', criminals, the trendily insane et al. And the sheeples of the world bow down and worship it!

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