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Title: David Rosenberg: "We're Getting Closer To A Breaking Point"
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Published: Feb 23, 2021
Author: Tyler Durden
Post Date: 2021-02-23 15:44:00 by Horse
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... we are building up for a "fiscal cliff" of epic proportions in 2022, and very likely a renewed economic downturn

Poster Comment:

The World Economic Forum has told us that at the End of the Great Reset in 2030 "you will own nothing but you will be happy." That means we will not own our homes and our cars because we will lease them. And a spokeswoman said "we won't even own our clothes. We will lease them (from a billionaire.) Sounds like they want to take everything from us so we will be too impoverished to resist the Evil they are sending our way.

They are implying that you will be dead if you have not learned to be happy when some Jewish billionaire owns the clothes on your back.

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