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Title: Will You Survive The Coming Financial Crash?
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Published: Apr 25, 2006
Author: Kent Daniel Bentkowski
Post Date: 2006-04-25 13:05:26 by wakeup
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DISCLAIMER: The following describes the basic fundamentals of the currently prevailing economic conditions of the United States of America. Even though these are the circumstances in which we now find ourselves, the theoretical information contained in this financial white paper remains valid throughout the entire world. While the following does not represent legal or investment advice, it is intended to serve as a tool with which the readers own common sense and intelligence can make empowered and intelligent decisions about their own life, and the financial condition of their own household. I have always run my own household like a business, and my use of sound business practice is the reason I have been successful in preventing unnecessary expenditures in my own worst self-interest.

During the early 1980's, I worked as an investment banker, having passed the Series 7 and Series 63 certification exams given by the Securities Exchange Commission(SEC). An investment banker is an individual who works for a firm that helps private corporations raise money through their first public stock offering. In order to pass the se exams, I had to become knowledgeable in matters concerning investment economics and the public sale of common stock. There was a tremendous amount of law that had to be memorized, and these certification exams were extremely specific in what they were asking in each and every question. Because of my having a photographic memory, I was able to prove complete mastery of the subject matter, something that made my employer extremely pleased. Later on, I was able to use this knowledge to build a successful business in the field of graphic design and commercial printing. I was able to work as a sub-contractor in the defense industry, and as a U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) subcontractor. I attribute my success to the four-pledge guarantee that I gave to all of my customers. Within one year, I was able to stop all cold calls, as prospective clients were calling me to do business with them. The four-pledge guarantee was as follows:

1. I will never lie to you. 2. You will receive what you need when you need it. 3. It will be at a price that is fair to the both of us. 4. If we ever mishandle an order, we will do again for FREE within 24 hours!

Currently, I serve as a senior advisor to three separate businesses, all of which are successful and profitable. I have written this white paper in the interest of sharing with all readers of this document, information regarding the current economic climate in both the USA and throughout the rest of the world. Will You Survive The Coming Financial Crash?

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The time has now arrived where things have gotten out of hand here in the USA, as far as financial matters are concerned. If one listens closely, they will hear the increasingly nervous whispers of the economists and financial experts. The USA is hopelessly bankrupt --- a condition that has existed since March 1933 --- and this massive debt has now begun to exponentiate itself. Those financial analysts who are being completely honest, all agree that the coming financial crash will make the Great Depression of 1929-1934 look tame in comparison. Because of my specific education in the areas of finance and investment banking, I feel compelled by moral responsibility to share what I have come to understand about this situation. I have prepared this financial white paper in the interest of sharing what I know and what my intuition and analysis tells me will be the likely outcome of this impending and inevitable disaster. I have also provided in my analysis, several proactive solutions that the reader may implement on the behalf of themselves and their family, so that they may be spared from this forthcoming disaster. While the facts of this matter are lengthy, the solutions all share the following in common; fiscal responsibility and a measure of psychological restraint. My only hope is that by reading the following analysis, the reader will come to understand the urgency of the situation. Now is not the time to continue to deny and ignore the warning signs, as the sad outcome of this denial may result in the complete financial ruin of the individual and the ongoing financial stability and liquidity of their household.

The time of denial ends right here and now . . . WHY PUBLIC EDUCATION DOES NOT TEACH REAL-WORLD MATH: Throughout my own years in public school, I relentlessly hounded the various math teachers why they did not teach what I call real-world math. While there were mountains of data and formulas to contend with and memorize in what they called new math --- not a word was spoken about household finance; how to balance a checkbook, how to apply the concept of economies of scale to budget for a household with varying numbers of children, or how to protect oneself from being taken advantage of by the many banks, lending institutions, and credit-card issuing banks. Whenever I would raise what I knew were valid concerns, the math teacher would invariably find themselves embarrassed and without a satisfactory answer. By the time I arrived at high school, I knew in my heart that there were specific reasons why I was not being taught properly in the subject of math. However, I would not put the pieces together until many years later, when my wife and I were going about the process of researching the purchase of our home. The scope of this white paper is to explain some of the current fundamentals regarding the United States economy. I will also explain how the reader can use this data to make intelligent decisions about their own financial situation, even as the monetary situation in this country grows evermore perilous in the months and years ahead. Will You Survive The Coming Financial Crash? 3 A9 2005 Kent Daniel Bentkowski

After more than two decades of research, first working as a licensed investment banker, and ten years of owning my own business, I have come to the sad conclusion that realworld math is not taught in public school, because ignorant people are far easier to take advantage of, than those who are educated and savvy about such matters. On pg. 14 of her book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, former senior policy advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI) during Ronald Reagan's first term as President, Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, states that on December 28, 1928, a plan to dumb-down American students through what was called new math was discussed by people who had attended a meeting of the Progressive Education Association. This meeting was chaired by a Dr. Ziegler of the Education Committee of the Council on Foreign Relations, a group that through their actions seeks to destroy the national sovereignty of the United States, to unite all existing countries under what they call their own New World Order of global fascist government. Dr. Ziegler is quoted in Iserbyt's book as having said the following to a Mr. O. A. Nelson: "Nelson, wake up! That is what we want, a math that the pupils cannot apply to life situations when they get out of school!" As Mrs. Iserbyt further explains on pg. 15 of her book, Mr. O. A. Nelson was an assistant principal at Wilson High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota, as well as having also worked at Johnson High School in St. Paul, Minnesota. It took until 1952 for this new math to be instituted throughout the United States public education system. This coincidental twentythree year period exists as a perfect example of how slowly the globalist program of gradualism (two steps forward, one step backward) proceeds, thus avoiding the detection from all but the most astute observers. Mr. O. A. Nelson further stated: "That math was not introduced until much later, as those present [in 1928] thought it was too radical a change. A milder course by Dr. Breckner was substituted, but it was also worthless, as far as understanding math was concerned. The radical change was introduced in 1952. It was the one [form of new math] we are using now. So, if pupils come out of high school now, not knowing any math, don't blame them. The results are supposed to be worthless" In the preface of her book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America (pgs. xvii-xviii), Iserbyt defines the onslaught upon the minds of our children as a new and different type of war. While she does not use the specific term, I contend that this new type of war belongs under the general heading of Information Wars. The following bullet-points from Iserbyt's book represent the primary methodology that has been used against our children in the fighting of this Info War: * One fought using psychological methods. * A one-hundred year war. * A different, more deadly war than any other in which our country has been involved. * A war about which the average American hasn't the foggiest idea. Will You Survive The Coming Financial Crash?

Iserbyt goes on to state the following about why Americans do not understand what has been happening to their children without their consent: "The reason Americans do not understand this war is because it has been fought in secret --- in the schools of our nation, targeting our children who are captive in classrooms. The wagers of this war are using very sophisticated and effective tools" She then lists the three primary strategies, which have proven to be quite effective, especially in that they are never explained to any of the students (or their parents) as part of their actual public education curriculum:

* Hegelian Dialectic (common ground, consensus and compromise). * Gradualism (two steps forward, one step backward). * Semantic Deception (redefining terms to get agreement without understanding).

John Taylor Gatto, who was a New York City public school teacher for thirty years, becoming both New York City Teacher of the Year and New York State Teacher of the Year a total of four times combined, had the following to say on pgs. xxxv-xxxvi of his groundbreaking 1992 book entitled Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling:

"I began to wonder, reluctantly, whether it was possible that being in school itself was what was dumbing [the students] down. Was it possible I had been hired not to enlarge children's power, but to diminish it? That seemed crazy on the face of it, but slowly I began to realize that the bells and the confinement, the crazy sequences, the agesegregation, the lack of privacy, the constant surveillance, and all the rest of the national curriculum of schooling were designed exactly as if someone had set out to prevent children from learning how to think and act, to coax them into addiction and dependent behavior"

Gatto further explained on pg. 154 of his 2003 book, The Underground History of American Education, the reasons why someone wanted the children dumbed down: "Faced with the problem of dangerous educated adults, what could be more natural than a factory to produce safely stupefied children? You've already seen that the system has only limited regard for brainy people, so nothing is lost productively in dumbing down and leveling the mass population, even providing a dose of the same for 'gifted and talented' children. And much can be gained in social efficiency. What motive could be more 'humane' than the wish to defuse the social dynamite positive science was endlessly casting off as a byproduct of its' success."

Further evidence of this agenda to dumb-down the population is found within the pages of a May 1979 Bilderberg Group internal white paper that had been leaked to the public in 1986, which has become generally known as Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars. Because the Bilderberg Group is an international group, this document was likely the creation of the Tavistock Institute, which itself does study and implement the psychological programming of large societal groups. This 56-page report describes the many ways by which large societal groups of people can be programmed, and manipulated by the analysis of "Will You Survive The Coming Financial Crash?" household systems models and something called economic shock testing, which on pg. 34, is described in the following manner:

"Economic engineers study the behavior of the economy and the consumer public by carefully selecting a staple commodity such as beef, coffee, gasoline, or sugar, and then cause a sudden change or shock in its' price or availability, thus kicking everybody's budget and buying habits out of shape"

The summary that appears on pgs. 47-48 provide chilling details as to the way in which larger society is regarded by the global elite. These details explain why basic education has been withheld from larger society, which is explainable once Albert Ellis' definition of intellectual fascism is applied. Simply put, intellectual fascism is the belief held by the global elite that there are certain groups of people who should not be educated, because they are inferior in some way. This group of people has been variously referred to as useless eaters, useless feeders, useless breeders, and unwashed minions. Secret societies refer to this group of people, the uninitiated, as the profane and the vulgar. Yet another derogatory term used to describe ordinary citizens is human capital, which is used primarily to describe human beings whose only purpose is generate wealth for the upper class elite, a group no larger than 5% of the total population.

Most recently, however, this term has begun to be used to describe school children. Using the term human capital to describe people implies ownership, suggesting that our lives are much less free than we have been led to believe. Still another example of this way of thinking is the term human resources, which is used in the corporate world. Most workers have been told the exoteric (or public) meaning, which is a corporate department that meets the needs of the workers. After all, this is where one goes when they want to request their vacation, change their health insurance, or enroll in the company retirement and profit-sharing plans. These same people were never told the true esoteric (or private) meaning, which is they are the human resources of the company, which again implies ownership of these workers by the corporation.

Read the following quotations from the Bilderberg Group report, and see if you can address the question of which population group is being referred to by the mind-set that created the report. The amount of behind-the-scenes research that these private thinktank type groups have undertaken are stunning in that there has been so little information leaked to the public about such projects. While most people attempt to deny that such research is conducted on an ongoing basis, the work of the tireless Internet research community has shined a light upon these dark black-budget projects. When speaking of the Bilderberg Group in specificity, it has been the work of Jim Tucker, Daniel Estulin, and Tony Gosling that has opened up many people's awareness of this group that acts in their own self-interest, to the tremendous detriment of every government of every country represented at the Bilderberg Group annual conferences. Check the Bibliography section at the end of this paper for the most-complete Internet copy of this document, which include the systems diagrams and economic formulas. The webpage that contains this document supposes that the document is from the Central Intelligence Agency.

However, there is wording in the document to the effect that 1979 represented the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Quiet War. The most significant event that "Will You Survive The Coming Financial Crash?" occurred twenty-five years earlier was the first meeting of an unnamed international group in the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Holland on the weekend of May 29-31, 1924. This international consortium came to be known as the Bilderberg Group, the group whom I believe authored the document:


"This manual is in itself an analog declaration of intent. Such a writing must be secured from public scrutiny. Otherwise, it might be recognized as a technically formal declaration of domestic war. Furthermore, whenever any person or group of persons in a position of great power, and without the full knowledge of the public, uses such knowledge and methodology for economic conquest --- it must be understood that a state of domestic warfare exists between said person or group of persons, and the public. The solution of today's problems requires an approach which is ruthlessly candid, with no agonizing over religious, moral, or cultural values."

DIVERSION: THE PRIMARY STRATEGY (pgs. 47-48): "Experience has proven that......

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Poster Comment:

This whole issue is starting to get to me. Yet, I am persuaded that the Lord sees even a bigger picture that is beautiful.

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#1. To: wakeup (#0)

Anyone who dis-believes this article is not paying attention.

Thanks for the post.

Lod  posted on  2006-04-25   13:20:13 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: wakeup (#0)

Read the "full text" of this great post,'s a good one.

who knows what evil  posted on  2006-04-25   14:20:08 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#3. To: lodwick (#1)

$100 Redbacks & Inflation

Morton's report may mean any number of things:


First, it could mean that the US has an "emergency plan" in place to impose two-tiered currency in the event of a real shock to the US economy. If we had a huge terrorist event within our borders, for example, global confidence in the US dollar as the reserve currency might be shaken to such an extent that a new currency outside the US (with different purchasing power) would be a useful policy tool. *

Along the same lines, a massive collapse of the US economic system under its own weight might also be a cause for a two-tiered currency. *

We also need to note that the currency system itself might come under attack from one or more rogue states seeking to destroy the US currency by simply printing it up wholesale. We've seen reports that North Korea, for one, may be engaging in large scale counterfeiting operations. This is particularly significant because the bills involved were $100 bills!

“Yes, but is this good for Jews?"

Eoghan  posted on  2006-04-25   14:29:19 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#4. To: Eoghan (#3)

Interesting site - thanks.

Lod  posted on  2006-04-25   14:40:28 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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