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Title: The Kremlin Has Allowed the US/Ukraine Attack on Donbass to Go on Far Too Long
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Published: Apr 3, 2021
Author: Paul Craig Roberts
Post Date: 2021-04-03 13:41:53 by Ada
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Will war be the result?

Kiev now claims a US “guarantee.” This is a situation similar to the “guarantee” the idiot British government gave to Poland, thus encouraging Poland to provoke Germany into war.

The worst decision the present-day Kremiln has made is to refuse the request of Donbass to reunite with Russia. This deplorable decision has produced ongoing conflict, ongoing deaths of Russian people in Donbass, a buildup in Ukrainian military forces, and now a Pentagon guarantee against Russian defense of Donbass.

The normally low-key Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that attempts to start a new military conflict in Donbass could end up destroying Ukraine. As the Kremlin has accepted countless insults and provocations, Washington puts zero concern on Lavrov’s warning.

Quite a mess that the Kremlin has made for itself.

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