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Title: Crying Jew
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Published: Apr 8, 2021
Author: Horse
Post Date: 2021-04-08 03:37:58 by Horse
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#1. To: Horse, All (#0)

Good stuff, Horse! Isn't it ridiculous, the idea these creatures could be hated for thousands of years for no reason at all? What this rat's saying is that people are getting tired of jew shtick and the USG had better tighten the grip.

Everybody please keep this yummy documentary handy at all times -- in which an Israeli Jew exposes the entire racket. It's actually a blockbuster on the big subject and shows the exact means by which each new generation of Israel kids are turned into paranoid, hate-filled Zio-monsters. Goes right into ADL offices and shows what a TOTAL sham that outfit is!

Finally finding it in YT again just now despite all YT's roadblox, the page loaded but the video area was solid white = blank. Just refresh the page and click where it sez to.... or you can just click here and there it is:

watchdocumentaries .com/defamation/

......but YT nees to know it's still of interest to people.


USA! USA! USA! Bringing you democracy, or else! there were strains of VD that were incurable, and they were first found in the Philippines and then transmitted to the Korean working girls via US military. The 'incurables' we were told were first taken back to a military hospital in the Philippines to quietly die. – 4um

NeoconsNailed  posted on  2021-04-08   3:51:20 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: Horse (#0)

When he stated he was from the ADL, I stopped watching. I am sick with their lies and hate for non jews.

Darkwing  posted on  2021-04-08   14:01:46 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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