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Title: The Auschwitz Baby Boom
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Published: Apr 30, 2021
Author: Horse
Post Date: 2021-04-30 21:24:53 by Horse
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The most effective ammunition one can use to blow-up the official fairy tale of the Holocaust ™ -- aka: "the song that never ends about the event which never happened" -- consists of the many necessary concessions which the "usual suspects" themselves let slip out from time to time. Indeed, one can wreck the entire Holohoax tale just by using such admissions, and nothing else.

Some examples -- the Holohoaxers themselves admit that:

Forensic tests on the "gas chambers" ™ do not reveal any trace of "gas" or "poison."

Millions of corpses or remains were never discovered.

There is no German documentation of any mass killings.

Tales of Jews being made into bars of soap and lamp shades were invented. Zyklon B ™ was a pesticide developed to kill typhus-lice, not people. The Holocaust story relies heavily upon Soviet reports.

Football / Soccer games and other forms of entertainment took place in the camps.

The International Red Cross had access to all camps and never mentioned any mass killings.

Some Jewish "survivors" claimed they knew nothing about "gas chambers" ™ in Auschwitz.

Of course, after being forced to make these huge concessions, the hoaxsters always return with the quintessentially Jewish and truly psychopathic "yeah but" -- that goes something like this: "Yes, it is indeed true that (insert any of the above), but blah, blah, blah -- the Holocaust still happened." String enough of these "yeah buts" together and the silly story begins to take on ridiculous proportions. Picture

"Yeah buts" are the ignoramus's way of defending his ego, or his lies. Nonetheless, they can be quite useful for turning the argument against him.

One of the strongest "yeah buts" to support us "Holocaust Deniers" comes from an article published in "The Forward" -- a New York based Jewish-Marxist publication that dates back more than 100 years. Just how left-wing is 'The Forward' -- you ask? Well, there are images of Karl Marx and his buddy Friedrich Engels carved into the facade of the building.

Just how Jewish is The Forward -- you ask? Well, both the newspaper and the website also publish an edition in Yiddish. So when The Forward makes what lawyers refer to as "an admission against interest" (putting foot in mouth) about the Holocaust ™, it makes for powerful contradicting testimony for us truthers to seize upon and disseminate.

Have a look at this shocking admission and "yeah but" that 'The Forward' published in July of 2015, and judge for yourself. Excerpts below -- analysis and wise-cracks added by "the inimitable Mike King."

Communists Marx, Engels, Lassalle & Liebknecht immortalized in the stone of The Forward. We'll let the "yeah buts" of the Yiddish-Marxist Forward make our case for "Holocaust Denial."

This Baby Was Born in Auschwitz — and Survived Sergiusz Scheller, July 30, 2015 Full story -- (here)

The Forward: Germans treated pregnant women and newborns living in this section of the camp less harshly than in the other ones. They were given a little bit more food, sometimes even milk.

Analysis: If the Germans were running an extermination camp, why were they expending resources, during wartime no less, to feed pregnant women and newborns? Why didn't they "gas" these "worthless eaters" as soon as they showed signs of having been knocked up? If life was so brutal, and death was always pending, then how did these young ladies and their husbands / boyfriends manage to get intimate?

* (The women typically arrived at the camp already pregnant.)

The Forward: Infants were registered in a registry book....

Analysis: Germans are famous for meticulous record-keeping, so this is no surprise. Oddly enough, there are no such German records of the numbers of prisoners "gassed." Interesting.

The Forward: These privileges, however, were very short-term; the vast majority of these mothers, and those of their children who were not murdered soon after birth, perished not long after in the gas chambers. Analysis: So, the big bad Germans allowed couples to have relations (there were private quarters for this); provided extra rations to pregnant women; waited until the babies were born; and then, finally killed both the mothers and babies? Makes perfect sense! (rolling eyes sarcastically)

The Forward: In fact, thousands of babies were born in Auschwitz ... Analysis: Wait a second! "Thousands of babies" -- you say? Did we hear / read that correctly? State that again, please. Surely, we must have misunderstood.

The Forward: In fact, thousands of babies were born in Auschwitz ... Analysis: Mein Gott! Were the big bad "Nazis" running an extermination operation or a frickin' maternity ward?! No further response is necessary. Thank you Forward --- thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you --- high-five -- and thank you!

The Forward: ... the vast majority of whom the Nazis killed virtually upon their emergence from the womb.

Analysis: "Killed virtually upon their emergence from the womb," eh? Let's imagine the scene:

Sergeant Schultz: "Commandant. I vill kill this Frau and her unborn svine Jew, for zee Fuhrer."

Colonel Klink: "Nein! Nein! Nein! Vee do not kill pregnant vomen and zee unborn babies. Zat vould not be Christian! Vait until zee moment zat zee baby emerges from zee birth canal. Then you may kill them both."

Now you can kill BOTH zee mother and child."

The mushy story goes on about a Polish woman named Barbara Puc, who was born at Auschwitz in November, 1944 -- just two months before the camp was liberated by the Soviets. (here) She tells of how "lucky" she was and gives credit to God and blah, blah, blah. The usual crap, but discovering the payoff line was definitely worth the time it took your truth-sniffing reporter here to read the whole piece. Again -- from the Forward article: "thousands of babies were born in Auschwitz" -- Boom! Learn it, repeat it, and often.

There are more such "miracle" tales that can be found from Jewish and/or "mainstream media" sources -- prompting the question: How can something be a "miracle" if it happens "thousands" of times? There is the "miracle" of Miriam Rosenthal and her baby, Leslie, a son. From the National Post (Canada):

"An SS officer in big black boots and a crisp uniform appeared before the barracks in Auschwitz with a loudspeaker in hand.

All pregnant women line up, he barked. Line up, line up — your food portions are being doubled.

"Can you imagine?" Miriam asks. "Even women who were not pregnant stepped forward. I was standing with my younger cousin, but I wouldn't go. She says, 'Miriam, what are you doing?'

"Something was holding me back. Someone was watching over me. I feel maybe my mother, maybe God. Two hundred women stepped forward and 200 women went to the gas chamber. And I don't know why I didn't step forward." (here)

Miriam Rosenthal spins a tale of miraculous quick-thinking which saved her and her unborn baby from the non-existent "gas chambers."

The Daily Mail (UK) informs us of how Jewish inmates Anka Nathanova and Priska Lowenbeinova, also "miraculously" cheated death at Auschwitz by hiding their pregnancies from the clueless "Nazis" who then, for some strange reason, allowed them and their babies to live after they were born. (here)

Rachel Friedman, we are told, saved her baby boy's life by taking the advice of an SS Guard by claiming that the child was born on Hitler's birthday -- April 20. (here)

A Wedding and a Honeymoon Suite too?

This photo of an Auschwitz marriage announcement congratulating newlywed communist guerilla fighters Rudolf Friemel (from Austria) and Margarita Ferrer Rey (from Spain) was circulated on March 18th, 1944. (here) An SS officer performed the ceremony. The bride was given flowers and the couple and their son (evidently born before Friemel and Ferrer Rey were incarcerated) were also photographed by the camp photographer! The communist couple spent their wedding night in the camp brothel where they found some solitude, peace and quiet. (here)

In closing, let us repeat and repeat again (as "they" always do), from 'The Jewish Daily Forward': "thousands of babies were born and cared for in Auschwitz"--- again, "thousands of babies were born and cared for in Auschwitz" --- encore, encore: "thousands of babies were born and cared for in Auschwitz."

Let that reality sink in -- and please share this important piece.

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#1. To: Horse (#0)

Devastating -- if all true. Much more documentation is needed, but trying to convince rightists of its urgent necessity is like arguing with a brick wall.


USA! USA! USA! Bringing you democracy, or else! there were strains of VD that were incurable, and they were first found in the Philippines and then transmitted to the Korean working girls via US military. The 'incurables' we were told were first taken back to a military hospital in the Philippines to quietly die. – 4um

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