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Title: Be Very, Very Quiet… it’s Whitey Season
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Published: May 3, 2021
Author: staff
Post Date: 2021-05-03 08:26:18 by Horse
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There is a growing sentiment among leftists that hatred of, violence against, and the destruction of white people’s lives is just fine. That it may in fact be long overdue. That white people because of their “white privilege” and “white supremacist” beliefs deserve nothing more than to be fired from their jobs, assaulted on the streets, and looted and pillaged in their businesses because they have it coming to them. And this sentiment is being nurtured and advocated for by many powerful institutions in this country such as the media, corporate America, and leftist politicians right up to the White House. The message to white people is to be very, very quiet…it’s whitey season.

“White supremacy is a virus that, like other viruses, will not die until there are no bodies left for it to infect. Which means the only way to stop it is to locate it, isolate it, extract it, and kill it.” (Emphasis mine)

Damon Young, The Root

6 black thugs assault a white coupleSix Black Men Assault White Couple

To leftists, white people are to be blamed for every tragedy that has ever befallen any non-white and for any problem any non-white currently finds themselves encountering, even if they themselves made the poor decisions that got them there. People like Michael Brown, George Floyd, and Daunte Wright to name a few.

There is a growing attitude on the left that retribution against white people, whether it be economic, physical, or emotional, is justified because they believe that only white people held slaves (a lie), that our system is “systemically racist” (a lie), that only white people oppress other people (a lie) and that white people purposefully and instinctively fashion every decision they make and every policy they implement to subjugate non-whites (a lie). Let’s talk about slavery for a second

African slaves were sold into slavery by other black Africans and brought to this country for economic reasons. As horrible a thing as slavery was and is, slave owners (white and black) thought of slaves as their property. It had nothing to do with an inherent hatred of black people, they just so happened to be the ones who were easiest and the most abundant for the black slave traders in Africa to catch and sell into slavery.

But now in present-day America, there is a rising sentiment on the left that in spite of decades of work to right the wrongs of the past and the vast strides in making this country a more equal and just one for all people, that white people are still the cause of all the non-white worlds’ ills. This is a frightening turn of thought because it is a fact that throughout history when one group of people blamed another specific group of people as being the cause of all their problems, it has led to extermination and genocide on a large scale and more personal crimes on a smaller scale.

Just ask the white farmers who lived in South Africa or Rhodesia or the Cambodians whose families were murdered by the Communist Khmer Rouge, or the 65 million people murdered by the Communist Mao Zedong in China.

It’s a growing attitude on the left of, yes… it’s ok to rob white people because they have it coming to them. It’s ok to loot a white business because it’s reparations. It’s OK to wish for the death of white babies just because they are white.

Anyone who believes that “all white people are racist” hate white people whether they admit it or not, and trying to justify that acknowledged or unacknowledged hatred because of a system that existed a long time ago and has since been rectified, is not only sheer stupidity, it is extremely racist.

There is an anti-white totalitarianism descending over the country that is not going to end well.

“Whiteness is not humanness.”

Yusra Khogali, co-founder of Toronto BLM

“Safe spaces” is a myth

I had to laugh when the black woman at work running our “Inclusion and Diversity” training told everyone that the training was to be a “safe space” where people could speak their minds without fear of repercussions. Is she really that stupid or naïve to think that people actually believe her? Lesson to all of you people out there running similar “training” classes who say similar things…white people who disagree with you and think that those “training” classes useless at best, and probably even racist, will never, ever tell you how they really feel about your indoctrination…

It’s not like I wanted to sit there on Zoom and call this black woman racist names and say that I wished all black people were slaves again. Then I would deserve to be fired and treated as a pariah. But I know for a fact that if I said that the Black Lives Matter organization is a group of racist, Marxist, domestic terrorists I would be putting my job in danger. It has happened to others and it could happen to me.

Like Tim Gordon, a Catholic school teacher fired for publicly criticizing BLM on Twitter.

Or Vermont school Principal, Tiffany Riley, who was fired for saying on social media that she believed that black lives matter, but she also believed that law enforcement matters.

Then there is the company Cisco which fired several employees for posting opinions critical of Black Lives Matter in the comments section of an online forum the company had about race.

How about Louisville Police Major Bridget Hallahan who was relieved of her command for calling BLM protesters and Antifa “punks” who will always be “living in their parents’ basement.”

There is also the instance of longtime member and former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Phil Berk who was kicked out of that organization for calling the Black Lives Matter group a racist hate movement and criticizing one of its communist founders Patrice Culllors. You might remember Cullors as the avowed Marxist who owns millions of dollars in real estate and lives in a virtually all-white neighborhood.

Then there is Emily Faz, a college student fired from her job after a bunch of classmates disliked one of her Facebook posts which was critical of BLM. These anti-free speech, anti-white activists then called her job and got her fired for daring to express an opinion that went counter to their own.

The list goes on and on. Just type “fired for criticizing BLM” in your search engine and scroll through the hundreds of examples of leftist totalitarianism and suppression of free speech.

The knowledge of this fact that I would probably face the same negative repercussions for speaking my mind effectively forced me into silence. Is that a free and tolerant society? Of course not. But it’s the kind of society the left wants and is getting.

To all you people out there who run those “Diversity and Inclusion” classes at your job, don’t think that just because you don’t hear people disagreeing with you means that everyone agrees with you. They don’t. Whites wanting to kill whiteySuicidal Tendencies Corporations are intolerant as well

Corporations embracing “wokeness” have no tolerance for any sentiment that goes against their newfound religion. Especially coming from the mouth of a white guy like me.

Proof in point, it’s the reason I don’t use my real name on this website yet the black people quoted in this post have no qualms whatsoever letting everyone know exactly who they are and the racist, anti-white things they believe. The left has succeeded in chilling one of the fundamental aspects of being an American…my free speech. Having to hide behind a pseudonym because of fear for your well being is what people do in totalitarian societies to avoid having their lives and livelihoods threatened. But that has been the aim of the American left all along. To destroy any dissenting voice that goes against their narrative. The leftist alliance with techno-Fascist companies like Twitter and Facebook has only accelerated and amplified their attacks on freedom. Especially the freedom of white people.

I have been conditioned to be very very quiet because it’s whitey season. At least publicly and using my real name.

Think about this…the title of this post alone would be enough to get some people fired from their job. Attaching your name to something that implies that in some way a white person may suffer from discrimination or disparate impact makes you unworthy of living in the new, anti-white paradigm that so many people are embracing.

According to the left and their brown-shirted army of BLM and Antifa domestic terrorists, it’s no longer ok to seek out an outcome where whites, blacks, browns and everyone else has an equal opportunity to succeed. The paradigm of the left is now a so-called “equity”, which is nothing more than a Communist code word for discrimination against white people.

This anti-white discrimination falls under many other terms such as “anti-racism”, “white privilege” and the oft-abused term, “white supremacy”.

It’s a mindset being cemented in the halls of academia and corporate America through the very racist ruse known as “Critical Race Theory” which again has at its core that all white people are racist and benefit from an inherently racist system. It’s all lies. We Don’t Care That You’re Black

I want to tell black people something that you may be surprised to hear. Most of us white people on the right don’t care that you’re black. It’s great. Ok. Be proud of who you are. That’s fine.

I also know that slavery was bad, I get it. But you know what? I didn’t have anything to do with it. Neither did my ancestors. Neither did all of my friend’s ancestors. And if anyone had ancestors that did, you know what else? It’s not our fault either! So if you want reparations, go scratch. I don’t owe you anything because I had nothing to do with it. If you want some reparations, how about this, how about you go after your fellow black African warlords who sold their own people into slavery! You know why? Guess what…shitty people do shitty things and it has nothing to do with race! Because you know what black people? You don’t hold the gold medal for a race of people having bad things done to them. Just ask the Jews, or the Kulaks, or the Uyghur’s.

So no, you aren’t owed anything other than the opportunity to be successful, which you have.

Sure thing, I know there are racist white pricks out there. But you know what else? There are racist black ones too, and racist Asian ones and racist Hispanic ones and so on. No one race holds all the cards in that department. We all have awful people who just so happen to be from the same group as us. But screw them. I have as much in common with some racist white prick as you do.

But you know what. To sit there and accept as a fact that “all whites are racist” or that there actually is something known as “white privilege,“ is just stupidity.

The color of my skin has nothing to do with the fact that I own a house or can hold a steady job.

It’s time many of you non-white people looked in the mirror and stopped trying to blame everyone else for anything bad that happens to you. Racism doesn’t define everything you are or what happens to you. Maybe, just maybe it’s some of the bad decisions some of you make, like trying to resist arrest or getting involved with the wrong people. Actually, that’s a good message for everyone, not just non-white folk. BLM wants to kill whitey Don’t blame me for your bad decisions just because I’m white

As far as black people are concerned in particular…until you start to clean up your own community you won’t get any sympathy from me, and I won’t listen to any of your crappy contrived excuses. Until you ostracize and demonize the likes of Al Sharpton and Lebron James, two outright racists, I simply don’t want to hear it.

Could you imagine what the outcry would be if the next time a white person is killed by a black person they brought along the Grand Wizard of the KKK to the funeral? Bringing Al Sharpton along or any member of BLM is exactly the same thing. They hate white people as much as any KKK member hates black people and for you to be seen accepting their support shines very very negatively upon you.

I get it; black people had a crappy past in this country. But you know what? Stop your whining and get over it. It’s not like that anymore. Yes it was a fight and yes it took longer than it should have but you know what else? You’ve done it! You had a black president twice for God’s sake!

Black people hold many positions of power in this country and that’s just great. I could care less. That may come as a shock to you, but it’s true. I couldn’t stand Obama not because he was black, I couldn’t stand him because he wanted to transform this country into some socialist – progressive hell hole. If it makes you feel better, I can’t stand a lot of white people too. Like the Bushes, Mitt Romney, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Andrew Cuomo.

But you know who else had it really bad at one point? The Chinese. And look what they have done. They overcame the horrible discrimination against them and practically rule the world now. So stop feeling sorry for yourselves and look in the mirror. Maybe your problems don’t have anything to do with “white privilege” or “white supremacy” and maybe it’s you.

Trying to hold us responsible for all of your problems is, quite honestly, nonsense. It reeks of what makes productive people so resentful of anyone who wants something for nothing.

Black assaulting and old whiteyBeat Whitey…Even Old Ones

And some white people are in on it

It’s amazing what white liberal guilt can do to some people. It causes them to write stupid books as Robin DiAngelo did or to actually get on their knees and kiss the feet of black people in a sick sign of subservience.

Then there are the truly stupid, self-delusional people who say things such as “you can’t be racist against white people because white people hold power.” It’s an absurd premise that helps racist people justify their racist behaviors. Would the logical conclusion to draw from that belief then be that in places or institutions where non-whites hold the power, it’s impossible for white people to be racist? In a city run by non-whites for example, does the premise still apply that the people not in power, in this case, white people, simply cannot be racist and can then get away saying things like “black people are a virus”?

Of course not because that’s stupid right?

Saying “all whites are racist” or that white people benefit from “white privilege” are literal examples of racism’s definition: “Discrimination or prejudice based on race.” How so? Because if you believe white people benefit from “white privilege”, then it becomes OK to discriminate against white people because you say you are simply trying to use that discrimination to achieve “equity”, which is, again, Communism the way the left uses the word.

The left has always seemed to have the shameless ability to change the meaning of very clear language to suit their needs and to be able to lie over and over again and then call you out as stupid for not believing them. It’s what allows a leftist “journalist” to stand in front of stores set on fire and being burned down by Black Lives Matter domestic terrorists right before their eyes and tell you that it was a “peaceful protest.”

Well, I’m tired of being a punching bag simply because I’m white. I’m smart enough to know that fighting against the leftist, racist narrative at work isn’t the way to go about it. I have too much to lose, but I will fight back in other ways. Like getting educated and learning the truth, then helping others to learn that truth through vehicles such as this blog, or in conversations with others.

Fuck whiteySelf Hatred

I have nothing against black people

Actually, I don’t have anything against anyone, except stupid people. Stupid people are who are ruining this country. Not white people, not black people. No, just stupid people. And if you think it’s ok to say things like “all whites are racist” you are a stupid person.

But if you are a white person always assume this…the media is not on your side, corporate America is not on your side, the government is not on your side and even the law is not on your side when it comes to any interactions you may have, especially negative ones, with a black person or other non-white.

Those institutions will seek to ostracize you, isolate you, and ultimately destroy you simply for being white and especially if you try to defend yourself. Woe to you white person for not believing all of their anti-white propaganda and being vocal about it. As a white person, you have to keep in mind that any confrontation you have with a non-white person will probably come down to an accusation that you are a racist. In the leftist public eye, you will always be assumed to be at fault simply because you are white.

As a white person, the new paradigm dictates that none of your successes in life are because you worked hard or spent hours studying or preparing, the new paradigm says that you only have those successes because of your “white privilege”. It’s just another way to marginalize you as a white person.

“Try to be less white.”

Coca Cola

Unfortunately, as a white person until and unless they prove otherwise you have to assume that most non-whites are not on your side either, and for me personally, that is a tragedy because I never felt that way before. But all of this talk of “white privilege”, “white supremacy” and “all whites are racist” has left me very wary of non-white people (and the white people going along with it) when I never used to be.

Kick whiteyKick Whitey

So what can a white person do?

Use the term “anti-white”. Because that’s what groups like BLM, companies like Coca Cola and politicians like Joe Biden are and are preaching, and don’t be afraid to call them that.

Be aware that the term “anti-racism” or “anti-racist” actually means “anti-white”. Think about it. The premise now on the left is that “all white people are racists”. If they believe all white people are racists then when they say “anti-racism” or “anti-racist” they are actually saying “anti-white”.

Don’t be ashamed to be white and don’t be afraid to say so. Part of their plan is to shame white people into buying into their leftist propaganda. Don’t fall for it. Being proud of your white heritage is fine. White people have accomplished a lot of great things throughout history.

Being proud of being white doesn’t mean that you are anti-minority. I’m proud of being white and am not a racist. I despise groups like BLM and politicians like Barak Obama because of what they stand for, not because of the color of their skin.

Don’t hate all minorities because of a few morons.

Get educated. Do the research to find out exactly how bad things like Critical Race Theory are.

Anti-white leftists are playing a dangerous game.

It may come to a point that the average everyday white person who harbors no ill will towards any non-white person will start to think “what’s the use?” They may start to grow resentful of the fact that no matter what they do, no matter how often they try to bridge the racial gap, no matter how many times they try to see people as equals it means nothing because no matter what they do they are told that it’s not good enough and that all white people are racist… that they are a racist… simply because they are white.

And if no matter what you do you are considered a racist the resentment will grow. As the resentment grows, so will the anger. And angry people tend to act irrationally. Angry people seek out other angry people to validate their anger and when angry people gather together looking for ways to vent that anger, bad things happen.

When angry leftists got together cities burned, businesses and people’s lives were destroyed, and people were murdered. And that was from a minority of people.

Can you imagine the carnage if the majority starts to act that way?

Think all whites are racist? Read this.

Join the Anti-BLM.

punch whiteyPunch Whitey

Kill whitey is just fine to say (1 image)

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