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Title: Highly cited COVID doctor comes to stunning conclusion:
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Published: May 3, 2021
Author: Mike Rivero
Post Date: 2021-05-03 16:46:52 by Horse
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Gov’t ‘scrubbing unprecedented numbers’ of injection-related deaths.

3,544 deaths and 12,619 serious injuries reported between Dec. 14, 2020 and April 23, 2021

One of the world’s most prominent medical doctors with expertise in treating COVID-19 has gone on the record with a scathing rebuke of the U.S. government’s approach to fighting the virus. He says the government’s strategy, carried out in cooperation with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the United Nations World Health Organization, has resulted in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths and is now being followed up with thousands more deaths caused by a mass-injection program.

Dr. Peter McCullough, in a 32-minute interview with journalist Alex Newman, said if this were any other vaccine it would have been pulled from the market by now for safety reasons.

McCullough holds the honor of being the most cited medical doctor on COVID-19 treatments at the National Library of Medicine, with more than 600 citations. He has testified before Congress and won numerous awards during his distinguished medical career.

Between Dec. 14 and April 23, there were 3,544 deaths reported to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System [VAERS], along with 12,619 serious injuries.

One might expect these numbers would trigger an exhaustive investigation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. But the opposite has occurred. According to McCullough, the government has taken what amounts to a passing glance at the alarming numbers and dismissed them with a bare minimum of scrutiny.

“A typical new drug at about five deaths, unexplained deaths, we get a black-box warning, your listeners would see it on TV, saying it may cause death,” McCullough said. “And then at about 50 deaths it’s pulled off the market.”

The U.S. has a precedent for this. In 1976 during the Swine Flu pandemic the U.S. attempted to vaccinate 55 million Americans, but at that point the shot caused about 500 cases of paralysis and 25 deaths.

“The program was killed, at 25 deaths,” McCullough said.

Compare that type of response to the government’s reaction to much higher reported death numbers related to the Moderna and Pfizer shots and the contrast is alarming, McCullough said, especially when the shots have not even been granted full FDA approval and are only being allowed on the market under an Emergency Use Authorization.

“In the U.S. today [as of late March] we have approximately 77 million people vaccinated for COVID and we have 2,602 deaths reported, so it’s unprecedented how many deaths have accrued,” he said.

“Then on March 8 the CDC announced on their website with very little fanfare, that they had reviewed about 1,600 deaths with unnamed FDA doctors and they indicated not a single death was related to the vaccine,” he added. “I think that was concerning in the academic community.”

McCullough said he knows from first-hand experience that doing a thorough investigation into 1,600 potentially vaccine-related deaths would have taken months to complete.

“I have chaired and participated in dozens of data safety monitoring boards and sat on those committees and I can tell you that this type of work would have taken many months to review all the labs, the death certificates and all the circumstances of an event. It is impossible for unnamed regulatory doctors without any experience with COVID 19 to opine that none of the deaths were related to the vaccine.”

Previous studies, including one from Harvard University, estimate that only 1 to 10 percent of all vaccine-related deaths get reported to VAERS. So in all likelihood, there are more people dying than even gets reported, yet the FDA can’t come up with a single death related to the Moderna and Pfizer shots.

“Reporting a death requires a healthcare worker to enter it into the system,” he said. And if the death does not occur within the normal 15-minute monitoring period they often go unreported. Most deaths occur within 72 hours of the shot. “They pile up on day one, two and three,” he said.

As a matter of comparison: There are 20 to 30 deaths reported every year to VAERS related to the flu shot. That’s with 195 million receiving flu shots. Compare that to the COVID shot, which resulted in 2,602 reported deaths through 77 million vaccinations.

That’s a stunningly high ratio of deaths to vaccinations, the highest for any vaccine in U.S. history, and yet no major media outlet has launched an investigation. Independent journalists and researchers such as Alex Newman, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Leo Hohmann have been ruthlessly censored.

“So the U.S. government has made a decision, along with the stakeholders – the CDC, NIH, FDA, Big Pharma, World Health Organization, Gates Foundation – they have made a commitment to mass vaccination as the solution to the COVID pandemic and we are really going to be witness to what’s going to happen in history. We’re sitting on, right now, the biggest number of vaccine deaths, there’s been tens of thousands of hospitalizations, all attributable to the vaccine, and going strong.”

McCullough testified before the U.S. Senate on Nov 19, 2020.

“I estimated at that time we could have saved half of the lives lost,” he told Newman. “There are now current estimates that we are up to about 85 percent of all lives lost could have been saved with something called sequenced oral multi-drug therapy.”

But instead, the government and its “stakeholders” in Big Pharma chose to focus on vaccines. At the same time, news organizations were recruited to present only one side of the vaccine story.

Mainstream outlets have agreed to not allow any news critical of the shots to reach the American people. This corrupt collusion falls under the Trusted News Initiative, a global collaboration signed onto by Big Tech social-media giants and many of its corrupt corporate media “partners.”

The partners signed onto the Trusted News Initiative to date are: Associated Press, AFP; BBC, CBC/Radio-Canada, European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Facebook, Financial Times, First Draft, Google/YouTube, The Hindu, Microsoft, Reuters, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Twitter, The Washington Post. The New York Times has also participated in the past.

Reporting facts related to the dark side of the experimental mRNA vaccines is considered “dangerous disinformation” by the globalist media elites behind the Trusted News Initiative.

Dr. McCullough describes ‘whitewash of historic proportions‘

“So I think this was effectively a scrubbing, like we’ve seen elsewhere. There is a Trusted News Initiative, which is very important for Americans to understand, this was announced Dec. 10, and this is a coalition of all the major media and government stakeholders in vaccination, where they are not going to allow any negative information about vaccines to get into the popular media because they’re concerned about vaccine hesitancy, that if Americans got any type of fair, balanced coverage on safety events then they simply would not come forward and get the vaccine.”

“The Trusted News Initiative is really troublesome,” he continued, “because we’re now at record numbers of deaths, they continue to occur every day.”

Confirming a report from earlier this month, McCullough said the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, while it does have issues with blood clots, is actually the safest of the three vaccines now being offered to Americans.

“In my professional opinion, the safest vaccine on the market was the J&J vaccine. And that was pulled for very rare blood-clotting events. We had seven million people vaccinated but the estimates are for the other two vaccines available, the blood-clotting rates are probably 30 times that of J&J, and these others are going strong.”

McCullough suggested that there is an incestuous relationship between the U.S. government and certain elements within Big Pharma, which causes regulators to look the other way when confronted with safety issues.

“A lot of Americans don’t understand how tight these stakeholders are. Keep in mind the NIH [National Institutes of Health] is a co-owner of the Moderna patent, so they have a vested financial interest in keeping these vaccines going,” he said.

More than 15 months into the COVID nightmare, the evidence is beginning to suggest the U.S. government colluded from the outset with the Gates Foundation, CDC, FDA, the United Nations World Health Organization and Big Pharma to make the vaccines the central focus of the global COVID response effort. They started promoting the vaccines before they were even out of clinical trials, McCullough said, which is against U.S. regulatory law.

More reports of high death counts has been getting reports that confirm Dr. McCullough’s warning that harmful events caused by the vaccine are being covered up by the medical establishment, the government, the legacy media and social-media giants Google, Facebook and Twitter.

A physician with a practice in the Kansas City area told that of a recent 500-person sampling of nursing-home patients who received the COVID injection, 22 died within 48 hours. That represents an astonishing 4.4 percent death rate. Most people in the Kansas City area nursing homes are receiving the Pfizer shot, he said.

“I can’t prove they all died of the vaccine, all I can prove is it happened within 48 hours,” the physician told

“The requirements are they only need to be monitored for 15 minutes. So we are never going to know the real numbers,” he said. “If it happens outside of that 15-minute window it’s going to be impossible to prove… If the FDA approves this then God help us.”

The Kansas City physician requested his name not be revealed for fear that he could lose his medical license.

A Canadian doctor, Dr. Charles Hoffe, recently broke his silence and went public in defiance of a gag order, blowing the whistle on how “Moderna shots killed, disabled patients.”

McCollough said the government has never placed a focus on treating sick patients, choosing instead to focus on the WHO recommended strategy of social distancing, lockdowns, masking and vaccines. If the strategy had focused instead on a regimen that includes a multi-drug treatment of early onset symptoms, tens of thousands of lives could have been saved, he said.

In a December 2020 paper, A Guide for Home-Based COVID-19 treatment: Step by step doctor’s plan that could save your life, McCullough prescribes a four-pronged strategy that includes contagion control, early home treatment, late-stage treatment and lastly vaccination.

“I talked about the four pillars, with the first pillar being contagion control [wearing masks and lockdowns]. We’ve spent a lot of time on that. But really the missing pillar, if we would have spent our time focusing on sick patients, that would have had the highest public-health value.

“But what happened in the U.S. was we developed a game plan …that we were going to promote the importance of social distancing as part of contagion control and just have the population wait for a vaccine. There have been no updates on treatment, not outpatient, not inpatient. We don’t hear anything about sick patients. All we heard was about masking, lockdowns and wait for a vaccine.”

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Independent author, researcher, writer View all posts by leohohmann Posted on April 30, 2021Author leohohmannCategories covid vaccine 28 thoughts on “Highly cited COVID doctor comes to stunning conclusion: Gov’t ‘scrubbing unprecedented numbers’ of injection-related deaths”

Ian and I were blessed in that we were able to listen to Dr McCullough’s report to the Texas Health Senate Committee (sorry if the name is wrong, I am not American) that he could not understand why there was no treatment being recommended the minute a person was diagnosed with the Wuhan virus. He said if people were ambulatory they were just sent home and there was nothing prescribed until said person end up in hospital no longer ambulatory! He was very keen to stress there is already medicines ‘out there’ which would have healed people, usually a combination of from two to four drugs works. This way there would not have been the deaths that there have been. This was a very serious report and it was a miracle it was available at all for Joe Public to view. Unfortunately I do not have the link any more and, anyway, I doubt it would work any more. The thing that gets me is what does this doctor gain by speaking out, it is not as though he is in the pocket of Big Pharma, quite the opposite. I am amazed he is still speaking out but I do wonder for how much longer.

My son, his wife and their two very severely handicapped sons have all had the jab otherwise the lesser handicapped boy would not have been able to have gone to his special school which he loves and he is way too handicapped on the autistic spectrum to be able to even begin to grasp why if he were stopped. The only consolation I have is that they are all children of God as per John 1:13 for three of them and the more severely handicapped boy, I believe is perforce a child of God anyway so, if they die I know where they are going. I live thousands of miles and an ocean away from them so I will not be seeing them this side of heaven anyway, so this is not a massive hardship as it could be for others. My heart goes out to all who have family members who have had the ‘jab’ for one reason or another.

That is why they are now dying in India, they already had herd immunity for covid 19, after they started giving out the covid shot so many have died, but they are not giving out the info of if the people who have died were they recently vaccinated ? did they already have covid 19 before hand???

and now they want to “vaccinate” (eliminate) our military. All Leftist policies are suicidal.

PCR tests are rigged to show positive. PCR amplification should be no higher than 34 cycles.

Instead, the planners of Plandemic colluded with the labs to run PCR testing at 40 cycles. Read up of the inventor of the PCR test. His name is Dr. Kary Mullis. He fingered Dr. Fauci in a YouTube as the greatest fraudster.

PCR tst is flawd Corman-Dristen fiasco Magnification X15 at best

The “Utterly Inadequate” Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System VAERS especially CDC.

Data dismissed as anxiety

Not that anyone should take factcheckers seriously but an indication of its attempt to debunk numerous reports.

CDC went off line for a week to reassign 1,170 to 501. fact

Type in a search for ; “CDC VAERS under reporting Covid”, which then as adulterated search engines produces the factcheckers confirmation of posts that report CDC Under reporting but not necessarily the VAERS under reporting posts themselves.

The excuse given is that CDC VAERS is just “raw data” and should not be used or interpreted to define the VAERS reality.

That begs the question as to why bother publishing CDC VAERS if meaningless. (incomplete raw data, only as a small % of actual, speculative reports subject to reassignment to Death WITH Covid by arbitrary unknown assessment by CDC with no published methodology as to what constitutes a Death BY Vaccine. i.e. reassigned as Death WITH Covid to “disappear” as a Death BY Vaccine.

Then there is the Italian study (not Covid) that a VAERS system is “the data suggest that passive pharmacovigilance is utterly inadequate to document the real incidence of serious AEFIs (adverse effects following immunization) and that current methods of assessing causality may be questioned”

VAERS is not a valid record of adverse events from drugs and vaccines, as has been well-documented in the medical literature and well-known in the medical profession. This passive, self-reported system captures only a tiny fraction of events. A three-year study conducted by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc. and submitted to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Resources, concluded: “less than 0.3% of all adverse drug events and 1-13% of serious events are reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Likewise, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported.” (

VAERS is not reporting all of the adverse events being submitted. CDC and FDA reviews each case report of deaths and makes a determination of whether they believe it’s linked to the vaccine before reporting the numbers in VAERS. For example, according to the CDC, it had received 1,170 reports of death among those who’d received a Covid-19 vaccine through February 7, 2021…but VAERS reported only 653 deaths on February 4. It is impossible to know for sure how many deaths it has deemed unrelated, as a full accounting is unavailable.

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